Thai Pendants & Protection Amulets

These Buddhist Pendants & Amulets are all from Thailand.


Thai Buddha Pendant

Buddha inside case
ready to wear

Silver coloured Buddha statue as pictured inside resin case.

Just slip on a cord and wear immediately.

Made in Thailand.

Ganesh Pendant

Sealed in a
case / ready to wear

Ganesh the remover of obstacles is also the Hindu God of wisdom and learning.

Here he is a metal Ganesh statue sealed in a resin case for protection.

Made in Thailand

Ganesh Pendant with Om Sign

Protected in a case
Lucky Pendant

Ganesh the remover of obstacles and Hindu God of wisdom and learning, together with the OM sign combine to make this pendant quite auspicious.

Protected from the elements in a clear case, ready to wear when you are.


Fertility Pendant

Good Luck Charm

Thai's believe that wearing this pendant can bring good luck and fertility to the wearer.

Made in Thailand from wood.

Old Design Buddha Good Luck

Can bring
Good Luck

Older style Buddhist Pendant / Amulet from Thailand.

Thai's believe that wearing a Buddha Pendant can encourage long life, good luck and protection from evil spirits.

Happy Buddha Lucky Charm

Good Luck Charm
from Thailand

As pictured this large Happy Buddha pendant is believed to bring good luck and fortune to the wearer.

Mad in Thailand.

Ganesha Pendant with Om Symbol

Double sided pendant
wear any way you like

Ganesh on one side and the Sanskrit Om on the other, wear it any way around you prefer.

Made from metal in Thailand and has an adjustable cord so will fit anyone.


Buddha Enamel Pendant

Seated Buddha
Enamel Pendant

Wear your Buddha with you at all times.

This beautiful pendant is enameled on front and has a Sanskrit Om Sign on the back.

Comes with an adjustble cord so can fit all sizes.

Om Symbol Enamel Pendant

Sanskrit Om Sign

Beautiful enamel pendant with the Om sing in the centre.

Wear it every day for joy and peace may come your way.

Comes with adjustable cord so will fit all sizes.

Thai Emerald Buddha Pendant

Miniature Emerald
Buddha Pendant

Positioned high up in the Kings Royal Palace Temple in Bangkok Thailand is the most famous Buddha Image in the country.

Here is a little Thai Emerald Buddha pendant in a case all ready to wear around your neck / can bring good luck and prosperity.

White Tara Pendant

White Tara
Tibetan Buddhist Bodhisattva

The Bodhisattva Tara is a Meditational deity and is the most popular goddess in Buddhist pantheon. Tara helps to cross the Ocean of Existence.

Devout Buddhists believe that if human beings utter the name of Tara audibly or inaudibly with sincerity of purpose they may obtain mystical insight and spontaneously acquire the ability for visualizing all mundane problems in their right perspective. 

Pendant as pictured on red cord.

Medicine Buddha Pendant

Medicine Buddha
for good health

This pendant is of the Medicine Buddha / healer of body and mind.

Comes on a red cord ready to wear.

Made in Thailand.

Seated Buddha on Pendant

Buddhist Pendant
with Buddha seated

As pictured this Buddha pendant comes on a red cord ready to wear straight away.

Reverse side has Gate to Enlightenment design

Made in Thailand

Green Tara Pendant

Green Tara
Buddhist Bodhisattva

Green Tara pendant is metal and enameled, has the Gau or Gate to Enlightenment design on back.

Comes with red cord ready to wear straight away.

Made in Thailand.