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Lucky Elephant tea light burner

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Tea light candle holder
beautiful elephant design
Choose your colour when ordering
ONLY $14.95 Each

Exotic designed Elephant tea light holder all the way from Thailand.

Lucky elephant with his trunk up.

Measures: 13 x 10 cms approx

Ceramic Elephant Statues

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Made in Thailand
ceramic elephants
Choose your colour when ordering
ONLY $14.95 each

Lovely elephant statues all the way from Thailand.

Made from ceramic then glazed till nice and smooth and shiny.

They are a lucky elephant with their trunk held high.

Measures: 11 x 9 cms approx

Ceramic Elephant oil burner

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All the way from
exotic Thailand

A beautiful elephant oil burner, has a very deep bowl so you can burn your oil for hours without it running dry.

Made from ceramic and glazed in Thailand.

Click on the photo to see another image.

Measures:12 high x 11 wide cms

Ganesh with five heads

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Very Auspicious
Ganesha statue

Ganesh is the Hindu God of wisdom and learning and also the remover of obstacles.

He is often given as a gift for people with a new home or starting a new business.

Made from resin-stone, this beautiful Ganesha has five heads.

All the way from Nepal to Australia just for you.

Measures: 10.5 high x 7 wide centimetres

Ceramic Elephants with candles

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Five little ceramic elephants
each with a candle in it.

A fantastic gift idea for the elephant lover in your family.

Or split them up and give one to each of your close friends.

These are sure to please everyone!



65 centimetre Ganesh Statue

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Made from poly-resin
Larger Ganesha

Ganesh / the Hindu God of Wisdom and Learning.

A beautiful statue and quite large. Ideal for indoors or outdoors (undercover)

Click on the photo for more images, including close up photos.

Measures: 65 x 33 cms

Can be shipped.

Prayer wheel pendant coral stone

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Wear your prayer wheel
everywhere you go
on leather cord

All the  from Nepal, a beautiful Prayer Wheel on a cord.

This one has a coral stone on it.  On an adjustable leather cord.

Organic Masala IncenseSticks

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Choose your favourite
when ordering
ONLY $2.95 per pack

These hand rolled masala incense sticks have been carefull prepared with natural wood powder and herbal essential oil extracts to enable a truly enriching experience.

Ideal for adding a beautiful fragrance to your home or work place / yoga or meditation centre.

They can help clear your mind during meditation and an aura of positive energy.

Handmade in India, Environment Friendly, Recyclable paper used in packaging,No child labour used,
No animal by products.

Four fragrances available.

1/ Dragons Blood

2/ Sandalwood

3/ Arabian Oudh

4/ Nag Champa

Choose your favourite from the menu when ordering

Prayer Wheel Pendant Turquoise

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Wear a prayer wheel
Everywhere you go

Made in Nepal, this little Prayer Wheel is the ideal gift for the Buddhist friend or family member.

Has an adjustable leather cord, just pull the cord, place over your head and pull cord to adjust to the height you require.

Like the big Prayer wheels used in Tibet just miniature.

Brass Nataraja 15.5 cms

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Shiva as Nataraja
Lord of Dance

Shiva is one of the main Hindu Gods.

Here he is as Nataraja / Lord of Dance . Doing his dance bringing in the universe and at the end the destruction of the universe.

See a more detailed description on the main Shiva Page.

This statue measures 15 cms x 13 cms Made in Nepal from Brass.

Click the photo for a larger view.

Lucky Turtles made from bronze

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ONLY $7.95 each
Choose your colour when ordering

Cute little Lucky Turtles made from bronze.

Carry one with you on your travels or whever you go, just pop in your purse or pocket.
The lucky turtle will be with you always.

They come in two colours, click the photo for a larger view.

Choose your colour when you order, just click the button next to the colour you would like.

Measure: 5 x 5 centimetres

Stone cement mix Lion Dog Pair

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All the way from exotic

These are beautifully made pair of Lion dogs / Foo Dogs or in Thailand called Singaha.

Have them at your driveway entrance to ward off bad people or evil spirits.

They are used in many properties in Thailand and worldwide to protect property and the inhabitants who live there.

They come with a sealed certificate as needed by the Thai Government to guarantee their authenticity.

Measures:58 high x 24 wide x 60 long cms (approx)

$350.00 for one pair. Click on photo for larger view

Sadhana of the Medicine Buddha

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Relaxing music
for meditation
or just sitting quietly at home

A very soothing, relaxing music cd. serene flute and string instruments.

Created and recorded in Nepal.

This cd is played in both our stores, all day long every day and still remains our best selling cd.

Can also be used by people who have trouble sleeping, just play when your'e in bed and you should slowly drift away and hopefully enjoy a great night's rest.

Small Gold Plated Medicine Buddha

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Made In Nepal
Brass Statue - Gold Plated

A beautiful Brass Medicine Buddha Statue / gold plated.

Made with much care in Nepal, Ideal gift for the Buddhist in your family or circle of friends.

Has removable base so you can place your Mantras inside.

Click on photo to see mor images.

Measures: 54 x 37 millimetres

Sacred Cow feeding calf decorated with gems

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An image of beauty and compassion
Sacred Cow feeding her Calf

This is a truly amazing sculpture, made in brass in India with great care and love.

A beautiful image of India's Sacred Cow, feeding her calf.

Silver plated and covered in Lapis, Tuirquoise and Coral tiles, it is a beauty to behold.

Measures: 22 high x 27 long x 18 deep (centimetres) approx.