Karimbah or Thumb Piano

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Pair of Maraccas

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Two dainty Maraccas
Lovingly made
and hand painted.

Impress your friends with these maraccas.

Hand made and painted in bold colours, a great addition to any music day or fun day with the children.

Measures:  12 centimetres long

Large Single Maracca

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Made from Coconut Shell
Brightly painted
Quality sound

The ideal instrument for the budding musician in the family.

Percussion is a good starting point for anyone.

Made from coconut with resin beads inside and painted with a dot style design.

Rain Stick

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Made from wood
great sound

Lovely rain stick - painted in dot style motif.

Turn upside down to hear the magic rain sounds.

Measures: 41 centimetres long

Wooden Flute with brass inlay

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Beautiful flute
made in India

A great flute - made from wood in India - has brass inlay design (click on photo to see more)

Join a band, start your own, or just sit in the garden playing by yourself or with a friend or two.

You can do whatever you want when you have your flute :)

And ... it has a great quality sound .. all this for only $12.00


Large Drum

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Beautiful Drum
Made from wood

A great drum, made from wood, has a great sound and decorated with Aboriginal style motifs.

Ideal for a band or busker.

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