Buddha Statues Stone / cement


Standing Stone Buddha

Lava stone
cement mix

35 x 120 x 25 centimetres approx



(pick up from our store only)

Garden Happy Buddha

lava stone / cement mix

Happy Buddha as pictured.  Made from lava stone / cement mix.

Ideal for your garden.

Measures approximately 60 to 70 centimetres.


Pair of Resting Buddha

You get two statues
Carved Sandstone

Carved from Sandstone
THE PAIR  (you get two)

Ideal for the garden or indoors!

Approx 35 cms tall

Seated Buddha Stone statue

Cast in Lava Stone
Cement Mix

Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Made from Lava stone / cement mix.

Measures:  26 x 38 cms approx