So many people love cats, we thought we would have a page dedicated to them


Medium Tabby Cat

Made from wood
great detail

Life like tabby cat made from wood and hand painted.

Measures: 25 centimetres tall. (approximately)

Brown Cat Antique Style

Made from wood
with antique design

Brown in colour with antique style markings.

Made from wood and hand painted. 

Measures:  25 centimetres (approximately)

Siamese cat and kittens

Made from wood
Cat and two kittens

Siamese cat with her two kittens, an ideal gift for the cat lover in your family.

Made from wood and hand painted.

Measures: 30 centimetres (approximately)

Set of Three Cats with Batik

Ideal for the Cat Lover
Made from Wood

Beautiful set of three cats, made from wood in Bali - they have a crackle effect as well as batik fabric on them

Get them for a special friend or spoil yourself if you love cats.

Largest cat measures: 25.5 centimetres tall

Rainbow Dreaming Cats

Set of three
made from wood

Beautifully made from wood and hand painted this set of three Rainbow Dreaming Cats are so colourful.

Sure to please the cat lover in your family or circle of friends.

Largest one measures approximately 35 centimetres so they are a good size.

Cat Calendar

Help your child learn
with a Cat Calendar
change the dates

Ideal for the cat lover, or teach your children how to tell and change the day, month and year.

Made from wood and so realistic and a fantastic learning aid.

Measures: 21 x 10 cms

Red Cat with Buddhist Symbols

Lovely cat made in Nepal

Beautiful red cat, with Buddhist symbols on body.

Symbol may vary due to changes in stock.

Measures: 8.5 cm long and 6.5 cm high approx

Fishing Cats in boat

Two Cats go fishing
In a little boat

A great novel idea, two cats sitting in a boat, one has the oar to row and the other has a fish on his fishing rod.

Made from wood, they should appeal to all cat lovers.

Measures: (boat is 28 cms long) from bottom of boat to top of cats is 18 cms

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