set 3 owls batik


Wether your'e a serious collector or just a bird lover
there should be something here for you.

Three Wise Owls

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Hear No Evil
Made from solid resin

Three wise owls, just like the three wise Monkeys.

Hear no evil - see no evil - speak no evil.

Made from solid resin, a great gift for the avid owl lover.

Set of three Antique style owls

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Hand made from wood

Beautiful owls, you get the set of three, they are designed to look antique style.

Great gift for the owl lover in your family, of a friend who is an avid collector.

Click on the photo for a larger view

Owl Candle Garden Light

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Cute little owl
beautiful colours
light up your garden party

Made from metal this beautiful owl opens up at the back and you can put a candle inside.

Great for your garden, see all the rays of light showing through the slits in the little owl.

This is a great product for your home or a gift for an avid Owl lover.

Measures: 22 cms high x 22 cms across

Set of three Brown Owls

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Made from wood
hand painted

Lovely chocolate brown colour, these owls were made in Bali.

Ideal gift for the owl lover, or buy the set and you have a present for three people. Give one each.

The sizes are:
Large        10 cms
Medium       8 cms
Small          6 cms  tall

Set of three owls with batik fabric

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Beautifully made
and painted
has batik fabric also

An interesting set of three owls, made from wood and hand painted with the addition of batik fabric.

A beautiful gift for a friend or loved one.

They measure:
Large     21 cms
Medium  18 cms
Small     16 cms

Three owls in a set

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Made from wood

Lovely set of owls, ideal for the collector or just a friend who likes them around the house.

Measurements are:

Large:    19 cms
Medium: 16.5
SmallL    13.5

Owl Clock Pendant Necklace

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Unique Owl Watch

A beautiful Owl watch on a long chain.

Ideal gift for the Owl lover / collector.  Made from metal and comes with battery included.


Set Three owls on branches

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Made from wood
hand painted
Three Owls

All made from wood these startled owls will make any owl collector smile.

Each is separate and sitting on their own branch. You get the whole set for $29.00 plus postage.

Largest Owl measures:  15 high x 10 wide / centimetres

Click on the photo for a large view.

Owl on Flying Swan

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Unusual and rare
An Owl Riding a Flying Swan

A beautiful white swan carrying an owl on his back.

Not the usual thing you would see, but here they are together in flight.

Comes with rope in a loop to hang in your lounge, bedroom or childs nursery.

An unusual gift for the Owl collect in your circle of friends or family. Click on the photo for a larger view.

Measures: 18 long x 10 high centimetres