Buddha Mask Gold

Made from
Paper Mache

Great little mask made from paper mache and hand painted.

Has a loop on back to hang anywhere.

Beautiful and such a bargain.

plaster and hand painted

Ganesha Mask small

Colourful painted
Made in Nepal

Cute little ganesha mask made from plaster / paper mache

Made in Nepal (Buddha, Green Tara & White Tara Also available.)

Buddha Mask White

Made in Nepal
Hand painted

Beautiful Buddha mask, hand made and hand painted.

Has loop on back to hang anywhere and very reasonably priced.

Green Tara Mask

Hand painted
made in Nepal

Great Green Tara mask with vibrant colours,  this item is hand made and hand painted in Nepal.

Has a loop at the back so you can hang it anywhere.

White Tara Mask

Hand painted
Made in Nepal

Beautiful White Tara mask, this mask has been hand painted and also made by hand in Nepal.

At such an affordable price .. comes with loop so you can hang it anywhere you like.

Pig Mask with gemstones

Turquoise &
Red coral chips

Made from metal, this mask is used to ward off evil spirits.

Has turquoise and red coral stones in it.  See photo.

Measures:  21 x 21 cms (8 1/4 x 8 1/4 inches)  loop at back to hang on wall

Product 907

Tara Mask

Tibetan Buddhist

Made from metal in Nepal as pictured.

Can be hung anywhere - has ring on back to hang.

Mahakala Mask Metal

Defender of the Dharma
and protector

Several series of Hindu deities are found in the Buddhist patheon Mahakala is one of the Hindu deities of Brahma group. He is dark blue in colour, as he is the defender of the law he is given a good position at the entrance doors of Buddhist Shrines.

Mahakala, a wrathful deity, is considered to be the fierce and powerful emanation of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion. This deity is one who defends the Dharma from corruption and other forces and to guide and protect the individual practitioner from all kinds of deception and delusion and bestows the power to overcome lifes struggles; and to eliminate one’s obstacles and other impediments.

Ganesh Mask Turquoise colour

Made in Nepal
Ganesh Hindu God of Wisdom and Learning

Ganesh is one of the main Hindu gods. He is half human and half elephant.

Known as the God of wisdom and learning he is also known as the remover of obstacles.

Hindus give Ganesh to someone who is moving into a new home or starting a new business.

You don't need a reason to give Ganesh or just have him in your own home.

Tara Mask Turquoise Colour

Tara is a Buddhist Bodhisattva

A beautiful Tara mask with turquoise colouring.

This mask is made from resin stone and has a ring on the back for hanging.

Fine detail on the face a decoration, made in Nepal.

Shiva Mask with Turquoise colouring

Shiva one of the main
Hindu Gods

A great wall mask of Shiva / he is known as the God of destruction and also the God of the beginning of the universe.

For more details on Shiva go to our Shiva / Nataraja page.

Great detail on this mask / face click on the photo for a larger image.

Made in Nepal from resin stone..