Kali Decorated red coral & turquoise

Details coming soon

Measures:  24 x 15 centimetres

Kali - Resin Statue

Kali - Hindu Wrathful

Kali Eight Arms

Quality bronze statue
made in Thailand

Beautiful bronze Kali cast in bronze in Thailand ` the home of exquisite bronze

Measures:  36 centimetres high  x 28 wide

Skull Mala Necklace

Skull Mala Necklace 108 beads

This skull Mala necklace is made up of 108 beads on cord with tassel.

As used by many Buddhist and Hindu followers worldwide.

Skul beads represent Impermanence - reminding us all of our impermanence

Skull Mala Bracelet

Mala Bracelet
Skull Beads

Skull beads on Mala necklaces or bracelets represents "Impermanence"

Skull Mala bracelet as pictured.- Has stretch elastic so fits most wrists.

As used by many Buddhist and Hindu followers worldwide.

Skull Necklace Extra Large Beads

Super large
Skull Beads

Skull Necklace made in Nepal, has large beads as pictured. 25 beads.

Beads Measure: 3 x 1.8 cms (approx)

Kali or Durga Hindu wall hanging

Printed on cotton
Decorated with sequins

Made in India, a beautiful Kali or Durga printed on cotton and decorated with sequins.

Can be framed, stretched on a timber frame or just pin it on your wall.

Measures: 74 x 108 centimetres

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