Om Sign Keychain

Sanskrit Om Symbol
Made in Nepal

As pictured the Sanskrit Om symbol on a keychain.

Made in Nepal

Endless Love Knot Keychain

Eternal love knot
Buddhist lucky symbol

The Eternal or Endless love knot is one of the Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Symbols.

It is so called because the knot has no beginning and no end.

Made in Nepal

Peace Sign Keychain

Ban the Bomb
Peace Symbol

Spread the word of Peace with this Peace Sign keychain.

Made in Nepal.

Dorje & Yin Yang Keychain

Dorje / protects from evil
Yin Yang / is balance

This keychain has the Dorje which is protection from evil in Tibetan Buddhism.

Also the Yin Yang symbol to symbolise balance.

Made in Nepal

Elephant Keychain

Cute little elephant
on a keychain

A good gift for the elephant lover among your family or friends.

Made in Nepal

Yin Yang Keychain

Keep the balance
in your life

Keychain with black and white yin yang symbol.

Made in Nepal

Owl Keychain

Keychain for the
Owl lover

Lovely little Owl design keychain.  Great gift for the owl lover in your group of friends or family.

Made in Nepal

Skulls Keychain

From Nepal
Skull Keychain

Keychain for the skull enthusiast, skulls are a reminder of Impermanence. (of the human body)

Made in Nepal.  Colours may vary as each Skull keychain is made individually.

Peace Sign & Tibetan Om

Keychain from

Peace sign keychain with Tibetan Om symbol.

Made in Nepal / colours may vary due to changes in stock

Happy Buddha Keychain

Smiling Buddha
with you always

Be happy and stay happy with this Smiling Happy Buddha keychain, long black tassell and little decoration below Buddha head with turquoise & red coral stones.

Made in Nepal.