Monk Statues

Happy little Monks from around the world

Bronze Monk Praying

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Cast in bronze
quite heavy

Little Praying Monk.

 Cast in bronze this cute little boy Monk would make a great gift.
Or have him sit in your living room or office and bring a smile to your face.

Measures: 9.5 centimetres  tall

Bronze Monk with hand out

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Little boy Monk
cast in bronze

Beautiful little boy Monk statue cast in bronze, quite durable should last a lifetime.

Put him on your table or shelf, when your'e feeling down he will make you smile.

Measures:  9.5 centimetres tall

We will send you a postage quote for your approval, once your order is received.

Little Shaolin Monk

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Praying Monk

Cute little Shaolin Monk statue made from resin-stone.

Measures:  11 centimetres

Shaolin Monk Red Robe

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Sitting cross legs
and praying

Gold coloured Monk statue, sitting with his legs crossed and hands in praying position.

Made from resin-stone

Measures: 16.5 centimetres

Monk statue gold colour

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Blessing Monk

Little Shaolin Monk statue with legs crossed and hands praying / blessing, nice gold colour.

Measures: 17 centimetres

Cement Monk Statue

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Put a candle in his bowl
Let him greet visitors
to your home or garden

Beautiful little Monk statue, made in Australia.

Has a bowl in his hands, ideal to put a candle or some fragrant oils in.

Have him in your garden or at your home entrance or inside if you wish.

Measures:  20 x 19 centimetres


Bronze Monk

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Blessing Monk Statue
made from bronze

Beautiful Monk statue cast in bronze from the tropical island paradise of Bali.

Bronze will last a lifetime with proper care, not easy to break or damage like some other materials.

Measures: 18 high x 8 wide (centimetres)

Red Monk Praying

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Made from fibreglass
beautiful red colour

Little Monk praying statue.  A pleasure to have in any home.

Measures:  16 x 13 centimetres

White Monk Statue

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Ideal for indoor or outdoor use

A lovely boy Monk praying statue, he is ideal for indoors our outside.

Made from fibreglass it is quite durable, also comes in brilliant red colour.

Measures:16 x 13 centimetres

Large Green Monk Statue

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Shaolin Monk
Praying statue

A beautiful outstanding Praying Monk statue.

Made from fibreglass, can be put outside in your garden.

Measures: 50 high x 34 wide (centimetres)

Monk Reading

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Little Monk reading scriptures
Buy two and use as book ends


A great little statue of a young Monk reading a book.

If you buy two they would be ideal as book ends. Or just have them in your home for the serenity value.

Measures: 18 x 13.5 cms

$22.00 for one.