Fair Trade & Environment Policy

Our Fair Trade & Environmental Policy 
We at A Bears Old Wares & Buddha Shop respect, support and promote fair trade principles in all aspects of our business. 
We always try to source products from suppliers who purchase products from local artists, communities and craftsmen. 
We believe that producers should be representative of the religions and or communities of the area and both male and female craftsmen should be employed through the various stages of production. 
We also believe that education is critical to any community.
As such, child labor is not tolerated. 
Our suppliers visit the producers they work with regularly to inspect production conditions and to maintain personal relationships
with the craftsmen.
They aim to ensure that products are made from sustainable and legal raw materials through carefully chosen suppliers. 
Where possible all shipping materials should be recyclable.
We respect the environment and recycle and re-use wherever possible.

At Left - Gary Hayward & far right Andy Stevens
(with Buddhist Nuns from Melbourne, Australia)