OM - Everything Om Symbol

Sanskrit OM and Tibetan OM sign in various formats.

Om Sign Carved

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Hand carved from wood

Hang inside or outside
The Original sound in the Universe

Three sizes available.  Choose your size when ordering

Beautiful hand carved Sanskrit Om sign.
Ideal to hang inside our outside.  You can paint another colour if you like.
A fantastic wall plaque or wall art piece for your home.
Three sizes to choose from.  Select your size when ordering

 we will send you a postage quote for your approval once your order is received

Om Banner Saying

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Feel the flow of
air around you

Close your eyes, feel the flow of air
Take time to look at the beauty around you
You are connected with the earth
Your spirit is free to fly in the wind.

Measures 40 x 100 cm approx

Cotton fabric with wood at top and bottom to keep banner straight, also has cord to hang it.

Sanskrit Om Sign

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Om Symbol

Made in Nepal - Satin - Brocade
Embroidered Symbols
40 cms long incl tassell at bottom

Colours may vary due to changes in stock

Tibetan Om Sign

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Tibetan Om Banner

A great little banner with the Tibetan Om Sign in the centre, hand embroidered on satin with a brocade border and tassells at the bottom.

Measures 26 (wide) x 39 cms (including tassel)

Colours may vary due to changes in stock.

Red Om Sign Jacket

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Sanskrit Om Symbol
$120 Includes FREE DELIVERY
within Australia

Great design of Sanskrit OM Symbols, hand knitted in Nepal, comes with zip up front and a hood.

Not only that but the price is $120 which includes FREE DELIVERY within Australia

Om Symbol Necklace

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Thousands of beads
with Metal Om Sign Pendant

Beautifully made necklace, so many beads on this one, also has a wonderful metal Om Sign pendant.

See photos for close up of pendant.

Sanskrit Om Earrings

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Sanskrit or Indian
OM sign earrings

Nice OM sign earrings. 

Designs may vary due to changes in stock. 

Sanskrit Om Pendant

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Pendant on
adjustable cord

Sanskrit or Indian Om symbol with adjustable cord.  One size fits all.

Made in Nepal / colours and design may vary slightly

Bodhi Leaf Om Journal

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Sanskrit Om Symbol
On Real Bodhi Leaf

Hand made by Tibetan refugees living in Nepal.

Even the paper and cover have been hand made a true hand made experience.

This one has the Sanskrit (Indian) OM Symbol on a lovingly placed Bodhi Leaf.

The Bodhi Tree is the tree the Buddha sat under to gain enlightenment over 2500 years ago.

Colours may vary due to changes in stock

Om Sign Keychain

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Sanskrit Om Symbol
Made in Nepal

As pictured the Sanskrit Om symbol on a keychain.

Made in Nepal

Colour and design may vary slightly due to changes in stock.

Om Bead Mala Necklace

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Beads with Om Symbol

Mala necklace with beads that have the Tibetan OM Symbol carved into them.

Quite unique, has standard 108 beads and a red tassel

Square Meditation Cushion Large Black

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Black Meditation Cushion

With Om sign embroidered on sides

Has handy carry handle

Carry handle one side

This large Meditation cushion is excellent for sitting, it will not sag or go soft as it is filled with Kapok.

Kapok is a natural fibre and so is the outer of this cushion being made from cotton.

There can be nothing better than knowing you are seated on all natural product while enjoying your meditation.

This cusion is Black and has the Om Symbol embroidered on three sides and has a handle to carry on the other side

Measures:  43 x 43 x 15 cms approx

Tibetan Om Pendant

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Tibetan Om Symbol
Brass pendant with Turquoise

This is the Tibetan Om symbol pendant, it has Turquoise chips in it and is made from brass.

The OM is said to be the original sound of the Universe and holds everything together.

The ideal gift for that special friend or loved one.

Comes with an attractive black woven cord FREE.

OM Sign on wood

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Great indoor or outdoor decor idea

The Sanskrit Om / the original sound in the Universe.

Painted on thes palings and joined together so you can hang outside or inside your home.

(has a ring on the back to hang it from)

Made from wood. Measures approximately 60 cms tall x 40 wide

just order and we will get back to you with postage cost to your area for your approval.  

No money is deducted from your card until you approve postage.

Tibetan Om / Lotus Flower

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Tibetan Om Sign
with Turquoise & Red Coral

This lovely pendant has a design of a Lotus Flower and in the centre is the Tibetan Om Sign.

It has Turquoise and Red Coral chips embedded (see photo)

Comes with an attractive woven cord as a FREE gift.