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Buddha Statues Fibreglass

Ideal for outdoors and not too heavy to move around.

Take a look at our selection and ask any questions by email.

White resting Buddha

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Serene and peaceful
Ideal indoors and outside

Bring some peace into your home

Beautiful white fibreglass resting Buddha.

He has a serene and peaceful face.Would make an ideal feature in any home.

Can also be in the garden if you wish.

 Measures: 311 x 230 millimetres

Buddha Head Large

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Large fibreglass
Buddha Head

Large Buddha Head
Fibreglass indoor or outdoors
75 x 110 x 70x centimetres
$650.00 AUD  now reduced to $520.00

Pick up only from our Albury Store

Happy Buddha Water Fountain

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Buddha standing
on shell pond

Large Happy Buddha Water Feature Fibreglass indoor or outdoors Water recycled, flows from large shell base- not in picture then falls from shell held by Buddha.
90 x 155 x 70 centimetres

Pick up only from our Albury store

Fibreglass Standing Buddha

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Larger than life

Large Standing Buddha
Fibreglass indoor or outdoors
47 x 185 x 46 centimetres

Pick up only at our Albury Store

White fibreglass Buddha

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Beautiful features
Meditation Buddha

Beautiful and exotic - a standout piece for any home

Beautiful serene Buddha seated in Meditation.

Beautiful face and an eye catching statue great for inside or outside.

Made from fibreglass so smooth and appealing.

Can be shipped, we will email you a quote for your'e approval after you order.

Measures:  42 high x 33 wide (centimetres)