good luck charms

Good Luck Charms

Good luck charms for many occasions. Including safe travels.

Everyone can always do with a little or a lot of good luck.

These Lucky charms have been made and blessed for Good Luck Travelling, for Good Luck generally and to attract wealth and good health.

Take a look at them all, you may find just the one you need.

Endless Love Knot Pendant

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Brass with Turquoise chips
Comes with FREE woven cord

This beautiful pendant is the Endles Love Knot, which is one of the Tibetan Buddhist Lucky symbols.

It is a knot that has no end therefore called the endless or eternal Love Knot.

An ideal gift for the person you love.

Comes with an attractive woven cord FREE.


Prayer Wheel Pendant

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Turquoise colour
Prayer wheel spins

Made in Nepal this beautiful and unusual pendant is a Prayer Wheel - and it spins too.

Comes on a black cord. 

Tibetan Mandala Lucky Charm Talisman

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Many to choose from
Long Life, Protection, Wisdom,Happy Life,
$7.95 EACH Choose yours when ordering

Beautiful, blessed Tibetan Buddhist Talisman / Luck charms.

Wear or carry with you wherever you go.  Or hang on your car rear vision mirror if you prefer.

Choose your favourite when ordering.

Colours may vary due to changes in stock.

Amulets with woven mandala on back

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Hand made Amulets with a woven Mandala for protection on reverse side.

Each one comes with blessed cord attached.

Choose your's when ordering. ONLY $10.00 each

Left to right numbered 1, 2, and 3

You get ONE for $10.00

$10.00 each