Half Male Half Female Hindu statue


Half male and half female for of Lord Shiva


Made from brass, some with decorative turquoise, lapis and coral tiles.

Ardhanarishvara Brass Statue

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Half Male & Half Female
form of Lord Shiva

Ardhanarishvara, half male and half female, form of Lord Shiva.

The master caster has packed the right half of the statue with factors of male physiognomy and the most of Shaivite attributes and the left half with those of a woman and the attributes of Shiva's spouse Parvati. The magnificence of caster's art lies in discovering the unity of his form in ever the most conflicting and diverse elements, the masculine and feminine, and what is more, the unity is superb and the distinction, precision, and minuteness. The feminine half representing Parvati prominently holds in one of her or his hands a large lotus, the emblem of Lakshmi symbolizing the ultimate fusion of all female elements in her as that of the male and female elements .

Everyone born is either a male or a female, the Adipurusha Shiva, the Sadashiva, the ever present benevolent One, is the total, all that is masculine and all that is feminine. In Ardhanarishvara this unity is in one form. Vedas and other ancient texts have talked of this unity time and again and the modern scientist and psychologist is amazed at such a vide and scientific concept of Ardhanarishvara or the union of male and female as one being. 

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Measures 3.3  x 1.1 x 1.0 feet

Ardharnarshivara Brass Statue with inlay

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Beautiful detail
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According to ancient Indian belief, the Supreme Being is one complete sex, possessing within itself both the male and female principles.

Such a deity is said to be Ardhanarishvara, a Sanskrit term meaning "Lord Whose Half is female," embodying the qualities of both genders.

Shiva is often represented as Ardhanarishvara, where his form is fused halfway into the body of his spouse Parvati. This is exemplified in the present sculpture where the bisexual image is divided vertically, the right-hand half, which is male, being that of Shiva proper, and the left side having female anatomy, that of Parvati

This beautiful brass statue was made in India using the "lost wax method" as handed down through the generations of craftsmen and women till this day.

With it's vibrant decorative turquoise and coral colour it is exceptionaly eye catching and would be a unique and valuable feature and asset to any home or collector.

Measures:  45 x 20 x 17 centimetres

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