Aromatherapy & Chakra Books

Some great instruction books on how to use Chakras for healing and also Aromatherapy for practical home use and more.


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Pocket Guide Aromatherapy
by Kathi Keville

In use for more than 6,000 years, aromatherapy offers a powerful tool for physical and emotional healing.

Included in this book are:

1/ a list of the best essential oils for each particular condition.
2/ Tips on making your own formulas.
3/ Fifty recipes for improving your complexion, boosting your emotions, and healing physical disorders.
4/ Special sections on first-aid, childhood problems, and emotional well-being.

Contains 106 pages.

The Chakra Handbook

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from basic understanding
to practical application

A comprehensive guide to harmonising the energy centres with music, colours, gemstones, scents, breathing techniques, reflex zone massage, aspects of nature and meditation.

190 pages with many detailed sketches and diagrams - Authors Shalila Sharamon & Bodo J. Baginski