Bracelets from around the world


Bracelets from around the world. 
Mantra bracelets, Tibetan Medicine bracelets, gemstone bracelets, leather and bone bracelets all on this page. 
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Ganesh Bracelet

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Five Ganesh
etched / carved into metal

A beautiful bracelet, so smooth to wear and has Five Ganesh images carved into it.

See the photos in larger size for the full benefit of this beautiful bracelet.

Once size fits most, can be opened up to put over your wrist, no problems.

Gemstone Bracelet.01

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Bargain Bracelet

Beautiful gemstone bracelet fits most size wrists

Made in Katmandu ~ yes  REAL gemstones.


Dragon Head Medicine Bracelet

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Copper and Brass
Medicine Bracelet

Made in Nepal and has a dragon head on each end of bracelet.

This is also called a Medicine Bracelet and has healing properties.

Mystic Topaz Bracelet

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Beautiful Faceted
Mystic Topaz & Sterling Silver

Mystic Topaz is a real gemstone.

Topaz is heated to a certain temperature which gives the stone the rainbow effect as seen in the photo.

This bracelet is crafted in India (where many of the best settings in silver are made) The actual bracelet is all sterling silver.

It is adjustable to fit most sizes.

This one is $220.00 and we have other slightly smaller that are $175.00

There are also Mystic Topaz pendants and Rings available, if you would like a photo please email through our contact page.

Medicine Bracelet Woven Design

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Copper & Brass
Medicine Bracelet

This medicine bracelet is made in Nepal from copper and brass and has an attractive woven design.

Fits most wrists.

Tibetan Beaded Tribal Bracelet

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Beads & shells
Made by Tibetan Refugees

A great style this bracelet has shells, beads and turquoise & red coral chips.

It just opens up and slides on your wrist, is lined with cotton so nice and sof to wear.

A beautiful bracelet at a great price.

Tibetan Tribal Bracelet

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Turquoise & Red Coral
Tribal Bracelet

Another great Tibetan Design bracelet made by Tibetan Refugees living in Nepal.

This time using large turquoise beads with smaller red coral around the outside.

Lined with cotton to make it comfortable for you to wear.

This bracelet is sure to turn heads, it has a real Tribal look and feel to it.

Tibetan Handicraft Bracelet

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Tribal Design
Made in Nepal

Made in Nepal by Tibetan Refugees this bracelet is in the Tibetan Tribal style it has a button and loop to hold it in place.

Fits most wrist sizes.

We are pleased every time some one selects items made by Tibetan Refugees as this gives them some income which they would otherwise not have.

Joy Peace Love Bracelet

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Stretch Elastic
one size fits all

What a great way to share your Joy, Peace & Love.

Wear it with pride and passion.  Stretch elastic so fits any wrist.

Peace Sign Bracelet

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Made in Nepal
Spread the word of Peace

Peace is something that every beingin the universe deserves.

The peace sign was originally called the Ban the Bomb sign back in the 1970's but has now become the Universal symbol for Peace.

Wear your's each day to help promote peace, let everyone you know that you are here on this planet and alive, working towards peace every day of your life.

This bracelet has a drawstring so just put on your wrist and pull the strings to tighten.

We at the Buddha Shop wish you ALL peace and happiness.

Om Sign Bracelet

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Sanskrit Om

Another great bracelet from Nepal.

The Sanskrit Om Sign on a drawstring bracelet.

Sanskrit is an Indian language spoken around the time when the Buddha was alive.

Om (also spelled Aum)  is a Hindu sacred sound.
It is considered the greatest of all mantras.
It is said to be the root of the universe and everything that exists and it continues to hold everything together!
Chant OM to revitalize your body, soothe your mind and soul.

Bangle four colours

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Colourful bangles
ONLY $9.95 ea

Bright and colourful bangles from the tropical island paradise of Bali.

Great colour varieties and fit most womens wrist. (standard bangle size)