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Bracelets Under $10.00

Many styles of bracelets here.

And all uder $10.00 each!

Bracelets from all over the world. and all under ten dollars.

colourful, stretch elastic, or metal, they are all under $10.00 AUD

Leather & beads with metal

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Hand made in

This is a very nice bracelet, it is suitable for ladies and children as it is for small wrists.

Has press studs to fix to a wrist, two different size settings available.

Such a bargain basement price for a beautiful bracelet.

Chakra bracelet

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Seven chakra bracelet with coloured beads and tie up cord.

Great little wrist band to align your chakras.

Ideal gift - easy to tie on your'e wrist

Wood Bead bracelet

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Leather cord
with wood beads

Another fantastic bracelet from India, this time made from beautiful coloured wood beads on a leather cord.

Adjustable so fits all wrist sizes.

Seven Chakra Diffuser Bracelet

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Seven Chakra lava stone bracelet.

Apply the essential oil provided to bring additional focus and energy to an individual Chakra.

Align your Chakras - aslo has tree of life pendant

Beaded Bracelet

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One size fits all
Choose your colour when ordering
ONLY $8.00 each

Beautiful bracelets in three different colours to choose from.

Made from memory wire (which allows them to be opened then pul on your wrist) with tiny beads and medium size beads in designs as pictured.

Only $8.00 each

Buddha Eye Protection Bracelets

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Protection wherever you go
travelling or just on your way to work
Choose your colour when ordering
ONLY $8.00 each

Wether your going for a walk down the street or on a world trip, you can wear one of these Buddha Eye protection bracelets, they offer protection from harm or evil deeds.

Stretch elastic, so fits most wrists.

Choose your colour when ordering.

Bangle four colours

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Colourful bangles
ONLY $9.95 ea

Bright and colourful bangles from the tropical island paradise of Bali.

Great colour varieties and fit most womens wrist. (standard bangle size)

Rainbow Beads Bracelet

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Hand beaded
rainbow bracelet

Nice rainbow bead bracelet, has stretch elastic so fits all size wrists.

ONLY   $9.95

Tibetan Medicine Bracelet

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Tibetan Medicine or
Healing Bracelet

A combination of copper brass and special metals to aid with the onset of arthritis.

Made in Tibet. Can be opened outwards and squeezed on your wrist to fit.

Design may vary slightly due to changes in stock.

Click on photo to see close up.

Yellow Beads Drawstring Bracelet

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Stunning yellow beads bracelet

A lovely bracelet with yellow beads.

Just pull the strings and slide over your wrist, then pull the strings back until the bracelet sits comfortably.

Your'e all ready to go.

Made in Nepal.  One size fits most wrists.