So many people love cats, we thought we would have a page dedicated to them

Three Wise Cats Medium

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Siamese cats
Carved from wood

Just like the three wise monkies only they are the Three Wise Cats.

Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.

Made from wood and hand painted.

Measures:  16 centimetres tall  (when buying you get the set of three)

Medium Tabby Cat

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Made from wood
great detail

Life like tabby cat made from wood and hand painted.

Measures: 25 centimetres tall. (approximately)

Brown Cat Antique Style

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Made from wood
with antique design

Brown in colour with antique style markings.

Made from wood and hand painted. 

Measures:  25 centimetres (approximately)

Siamese cat and kittens

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Made from wood
Cat and two kittens

Siamese cat with her two kittens, an ideal gift for the cat lover in your family.

Made from wood and hand painted.

Measures: 30 centimetres (approximately)

Solar power waving cat

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Save energy
using solar power

Fengh Shui, lucky money cat is beleived to bring luck and or money to the user.

Some people use them to attract business to their stores or people at home use them to bring good luck.

Either way they are a cute little cat, just place anywhere there is a little sunlight, doesn't need to be direct sun, and he will start waving away till the sun goes down.

He will keep waving inside if placed near a light, or even in a dark room, just place a battery inside. (battery not included)

Measures:  17 centimetres tall x 13 cms wide

Set of Three Cats with Batik

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Ideal for the Cat Lover
Made from Wood

Beautiful set of three cats, made from wood in Bali - they have a crackle effect as well as batik fabric on them

Get them for a special friend or spoil yourself if you love cats.

Largest cat measures: 25.5 centimetres tall

Three Wise Cats Small

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Like three wise monkeys
Ideal gift for the Cat Lover
in the family

Great gift idea for a friend who loves cats - or just get them for yourself.

Sure to be a talking point when you have visitors over - they won't have seen these before.

Hear no evil - See no evil - Speak no evil Cats.

Made in Bali - carved from wood and hand painted.

Measures:  11 centimetres tall

Rainbow Dreaming Cats

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Set of three
made from wood

Beautifully made from wood and hand painted this set of three Rainbow Dreaming Cats are so colourful.

Sure to please the cat lover in your family or circle of friends.

Largest one measures approximately 35 centimetres so they are a good size.

Cat Calendar

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Help your child learn
with a Cat Calendar
change the dates

Ideal for the cat lover, or teach your children how to tell and change the day, month and year.

Made from wood and so realistic and a fantastic learning aid.

Measures: 21 x 10 cms

Fishing Cats in boat

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Two Cats go fishing
In a little boat

A great novel idea, two cats sitting in a boat, one has the oar to row and the other has a fish on his fishing rod.

Made from wood, they should appeal to all cat lovers.

Measures: (boat is 28 cms long) from bottom of boat to top of cats is 18 cms

Click on photo to see another view.

Cat Book Ends

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Made in Thailand
from wood

Beautiful pair of wood Cat book ends.

All the way from Thailand to your door.

Ideal gift for the cat lover in your family or circle of friends.

Keep them books tidy on the shelf.

Together as pictured they measure: 28 long x 18 cms high (you get both)