Candles - stimulate your senses

Candles from all over the world, soy wax, fragrant, some in glass jars and stone jars and some sculpted flower candles as well.

Many fragrances to choose from, make your life a candle heaven, or set up your home as a shrine.

12 Sculpted and Scented candles

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Hand made in shape
of flowers
no two the same

Lovely gift idea, these 12 scented tea lite candles in different colours and shaped like flowers.

Give them to a friend or just spoil yourself.


Ceramic Elephants with candles

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Five little ceramic elephants
each with a candle in it.

A fantastic gift idea for the elephant lover in your family.

Or split them up and give one to each of your close friends.

These are sure to please everyone!



Set of 12Tea Lite Candles Carved Flowers

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Exotic candles
Beautifully Carved

These great candles have all be carved into the shape of flowers.

A great gift idea, or just sit them around your bath or spa, around your bedroom or living room, to set a soothing mood.

Your friends will be amazed at these intricate designs.

They come in the gift box as pictured.

Perfumed Candle in Hand Made Glass Jar

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Song of India Candles In Glass Jar
$11.95 ea

A beautiful scented candle from Song of India ~ producing candles for 85 years ~ they know what their doing.

Each candle is presented in a colourful gift box and inside is a scented candle in a beautiful hand crafted glass jar with metal base and lid. (see photo)

Packaging material is mad up of recycled paper so environmentaly friendly.

Fragrances available are: Kamasutra ~ Aphrodesia ~ Sandalwood



Orchid Candle White

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Hand Sculpted Orchid Candle
ONLY $18.95

Hand sculpted orchid candle in gift box as pictured.

Crafted by artisans on the Island of Bali

A great gift for your closed friend or loved one.

Only $18.95

Frangipani Candles

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Different colours to choose from
ONLY $3.45 ea

Boquet of Tulip Candles

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Tulip Candle in a gift boquet
ONLY $18.95

Beautifully presented as pictured.

A lovely Boquet of Tulips ~ they are candles and can be individually lit.

Surprise a friend with this very unusual and amazing gift.

Only $18.95

Rose Candle

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Hand sculpted Rose Candles
ONLY  $14.95

Beautiful and hand crafted on the Indonesian Island of Bali by local artisans.

Each rose candle has a little bottle of fragrant oil to put in your candle when burning to enhance the aroma.

All this and it's presented in a cool gift box (pictured)

These candles make a real statement, let her know you care about her with one of these unique candles.

Don't pay ridiculous prices.

Only $14.95 each

Set of Seven Candles

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Seven different fragrant candles
in closonne tins

Produced by Song of India, these cute little candles may be small but each one burns for over 2 hours.

Contained in their own separate cloisonne tin each candle has it's own unique fragrance.

Fragrances included are: ~

Aphrodesia ~ Buddha Delight ~ Kamasutra ~ Neroli Essence ~ Nag Champa ~ Patchouli Amber ~ Rose Essence

All packaged together, you can give the whole lot as a gift or give one to friends as a special gift at Christmas or any time.

Only $14.95 for the set of seven candles.

Mini Candles in Stone Jars

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Six fragrances available
ONLY  $4.95 each

Great little candles, when you can't decide what to give someone this is the gift to give.

When the neighbour brings your mail in orsomeone helps you with your shopping or just for being a friend, give one of these little beauties and they will know you appreciate them.

Each one comes in an individually hand carved stone jar with lid.

Only $4.95 each or buy the set for $24.95

Orchid Candle Red

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Hand Sculpted Candle in gift box
ONLY ~ $18.95

Beautiful hand sculpted candle in gift box, created on the Island of Bali

Ideal gift for that special loved one in your life who appreciates quality.

Only $18.95

Fragrant T lite candle set

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Set of Six different
fragrant tea lite candles

Set of six different fragrances in this pack from Song of India.

Each candle is in a beaded container as pictured - make a great gift or just spoil yourself

SET ONE are:
Neroli Essence - Nag Champa - Opium Flower
Kamasutra - Ocean Breeze - Precious Sandalwood  $11.95

Patchouli Amber - Aphrodesia - Buddha Delight
Heart Erection - Jasmine Blossom - Rose Flower  $11.95 for set TWO

Choose your set when ordering