Tooth Pendant

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Tooth pendant made from bone
Turquoise Chips

This pendant is shaped like a giant tooth.

It is made from bone and has Red Coral and Turquoise chips.

Comes with FREE cord so ready to hang around your neck straight away.

Sanskrit Om Pendant

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Brass pendant with Turquoise
Comes with FREE woven cord

This symbol is the Sanskrit (Indian) OM sign.

Om is said to the be first sound of the Universe and holds everything together.

Maybe it can hold you and your loved ones and family together.

This beautiful pendant comes ready to wear with an attractive woven black cord FREE.

Peace Pendant

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Peace Sign Brass Pendant
with FREE cord

The peace sign was originally the "Ban the Bomb" sign of the early 1970's

Later on it became known as the Peace sign.

Wear it proudly to promote World Peace.

Let people know you care.

Comes with a FREE woven cord so it's ready to wear the minute it arrives on your doorstep.

Lotus Pendant

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Lotus Flower Pendant
Turquoise chips

This fantastic little pendant has so much to live up to.

The Lotus is featured in many Buddhist texts.

The Buddha is often shown in sculptures and drawings seated on a Lotus flower.

The Lotus as is explained by the Buddha:
The lotus starts out in the mud at the bottom of a pond.
It slowly rises to the surface.
When reaching the surface spreads it's petals.
Upon spreading all it's petals it is eventually in full bloom.

Just as we start with our minds in the mud, then gradually grow with knowledge and can eventually attain Enlightenment or knowledge of the world and how things really are.

Comes with a FREE attractive woven cord.

Buddha Bodhi Leaf Pendant

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Bodhi Leaf Shape $20.00
Three colours to choose from

The Bodhi tree is the tree that the Buddha sat under and attained Enlightnment.

This pendant is made in the shape of a leaf from a Bodhi Tree with a Buddha image inside

Comes in three colours:
Red Coral, Purple or Turquoise.

Choose your colour when purchasing. (see photos for colours)


Tibetan Om 3 colours

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Tibetan Om Symbol
In circle

A great version of the Tibetan Om symbol.

Inside a circle with turquoise, red coral and lapis

Comes with an attractive woven cord.

Pendant Double Sided

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Dorje & Buddha Eyes

Double Dorje on one side with Turquoise and the other side is the Buddha Eyes and lucky symbols.

Comes with a lovely woven cord FREE.

Pendant Double Sided No.2

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Om Mani Pade Hum
& Tibetan Om symbol

A beautiful colourful pendant from Nepal, this one is double sided. (see photos for more detail)

Comes with a FREE cord so you can wear it right away.

Om Mani Pade Hum Pendant

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Mantra on Turquoise

Om Mani Pade Hum (the renown Tibetan Buddhist Mantra) on this brass pendant with turquoise chips.

An ideal gift for a Buddhist friend or anyone who beleives in love, peace, harmony and compassion.

Chant the Mantra if you wish to alleviate suffering to all beings everywhere that exists.

Comes with a FREE  woven cord.

Double Dorje Pendant

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Double Dorje
Metal with FREE cord

Double Dorje Symbol beautifully made in Nepal.

This one can be worn around your neck or you can hang in your home to keep out unwanted spirits.

It is beleived that the Dorje can protect from evil.

Comes with an attractive woven cord FREE.

Sanskrit Om Pendant 2 colours

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Sanskrit Om Sign

Large Sanskrit Om Pendant.

Made from brass, has turquoise and red coral.


Om White Metal Pendant

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Om Sign
Red coral stones

Beautiful white metal pendant with Om Symbol and two red coral stones.

Brass Buddha Pendant

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Brass pendant
with FREE cord

Lovely Buddha in meditation (pendant) comes with FREE cord to wear immediately.

Has lapis, turquoise & coral colour stones

Horse watch pendant

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For the horse lovers

A great pendant and a watch made from metal.

Battery operated, comes with battery included, and it's on a long chain.

Owl Clock Pendant Necklace

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Unique Owl Watch

A beautiful Owl watch on a long chain.

Ideal gift for the Owl lover / collector.  Made from metal and comes with battery included.