Carved hardwood Buddha

Buddha Statues Wood

Exotic wood carvings from around the globe.

Beautiful features and many sizes to choose from.

An amazing range of wood carved Buddha Statues from a variety of countries.
There is sure to be something here for you.

Hardwood Buddha Carved

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Expertly carved by
professional carver

Beautifully carved statue of Buddha.  A perfect carving, Ideal for indoors at any home or for a gift for a friend.

Hand carved by artisans in the Ubud Mountain District on the tropical island paradise of Bali.

Measures:49 x 41 x 18 centimetres

Can be shipped by TNT please ask us for a quote.


Unique style resting Buddha

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decorated with mirrors and beautiful colour

This beautiful Buddha statue has been lovingly made from wood by artisans in the Ubud Mountain region on the tropical island paradise of Bali.

Buddha in resting pose.

Measures: 33 cms tall (approx)

Can be shipped. we will email you a quote for your approval after your order is received.

Buddha carved in hardwood

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Buddha carved from hardwood
hands in meditation pose

Expertly carved by master craftsmen and women

A beautiful expertly carved Buddha statue from the Ubud mountain region of Bali.

Click on photo to see more images.

Measures: 52 high x 38 across  - centimetres (approx)

Delivery Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne Fastway couriers. 

We will send a quote for your approval before any money is paid


Blessing Buddha hand carved

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large hardwood

Beautifully hand carved Buddha statue / The Blessing Buddha

Is made from hardwood so it's quite heavy.

Measures:  90 cms tall x 47 across (approximately)

Can be shipped we will send a quote after you place your order.

Happy Buddha Seated wood statue

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Medium size
Buddha Carved Statue

Happy Buddha statue carved from wood in the Ubud Mountain district on the Tropical Island of Bali where the best carvers in Indonesia live.

Measures:  20 x 19 centimetres approximately

Buddha Statue carved

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Crocodile wood
expert carving

Carved by experts

Beautiful Buddha carved from crocodile wood on the tropical island of Bali.
Called crocodile wood due to the cone shape on the bark.

see photos for more detail

Measures:  21 high x 14.5 wide approx (centimetres)

Design may vary slightly due to changes in stock


Whitewash Buddha Bust

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Lightweight wood
Choose your size
Large $95.00

Buddha Bust - Whitewash Wood  (at right) measures 37 x 40 x 9 centimetres $45.00 AUD Out of stock.

Buddha Bust - Whitewash Wood (at left) measures 84 x 53 x 16 centimetres $95.00

For details on lamp in photo please visit the lamps page.

Large Seated Buddha

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Touching earth
seated Buddha

Beautiful sitting Buddha Touching Earth.
Made from wood and decorated with mirrors and an antiqued green/gold finish.
It measures 45 x 65 x 80 centimetres.
There is only one available. 
- Pick up from our store only -.

Happy Buddha Small

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Wood carved
Happy Buddha

Nice little Happy Buddha seated statue carved from wood on the tropical Island Paradise of Bali.

A great gift to cheer someone up.

Measures: 11 x 11 centimetres approx

Colour and design may vary slightly due to changes in stock

Three Resting Buddha

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Set of three Buddha
made from wood.

Set of THREE resting Buddha
Carved from wood
Gold Colour decorated with mirrors

Thai Buddha Standing

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Whitwash finish
Made from wood

Thai Standing Buddha
Carved from wood - Whitewash design
Measures 43 x 120 x 20 centimetres

Buddha seated on Throne

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Beautifully carved
from hardwood

Beautiful Buddha statue carved from hard-wood - here He is seated on a throne.

Serene features and great detail make this work of art very special indeed.

Made in the Ubud Mountain region of the tropical island paradise of Bali.

Measures:  60 centimetres tall (approximately)

Buddha under tree

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Carved from one piece
of hardwood

Buddha Teaching Under Tree
Heavy wood - Hand Carved
Measures 28 x 30 x 25 centimetres
$120.00 AUD

Happy Buddha with Child

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Carved from Hardwood
Large size

Happy Buddha with Child
Carved from large solid log
Great Detail - see photos
Measures 30 x 60 x 15 centimetres
Was $250.00 AUD                                   Now ONLY  $199.00

Buddha Bust extra large

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Very large
Wood bust

Extra large is size and quality this huge Buddha Bust stands all by itself.

Decorated with mirrors and a beautiful antique gold finish it's sure to be admired by all who visit your home.

Made from wood.

Measures:  110 high x 85 cms approx                                Was $280  NOW ONLY $249.00