How to use our website

Select an item to buy, click checkout if only buying one item, if buying more click on "Keep Shopping"

Once you go to Checkout:

You can adjust the amount of items by changing the number in the quantity box when you are at the checkout page.

You can choose to pay by , credit or debit card, Australian Money Order, Cheque or Internet Banking Deposit.
Or if you prefer choose to call the shop with your payment details. 

(you must still place your order via the website first)

Don't forget we will send you the cost of postage / shipping once your order has been completed. 
(No money is charged to your card until you first approve postage cost, within 24 hours)

See Below Example of Postage Costs
Small items (under 500 grams & if they fit in an Australia post bag cost $9.95. Items up to 1 kilogram that fit in an Australia post satchel will cost $12.00  Orders up to 5 kg will be sent via Australia post (including packing) costs $18.50
Other parcels will be charged at the rate charged Australia Post.
We will always try for the best postage deal for you

(We are currently NOT shipping to International buyers)

If you have any questions please contact us via our contact page