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Buddhist Statues Gold Plated

All of these beautiful statues are made in Nepal and have gold plating on them.

Medicine Buddha Gold Plated

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Beautiful Medicine Buddha Statue
Gold Plated.

A lovely statue made from brass and has gold plating. Click on photo to see more / has dorje on base with space to place mantras inside.

Shakyamuni Buddha is known as the great physician because he has taught the Dharma which is the antidote to the sickness of suffering within Samsara.
It is believed that the Four Noble Truths laid down by him are based on the ancient medical formula of diagnosis, cause, prognosis, and treatment.
His right palm facing outwards, and offering, in a gesture of generosity, a stem of the myrobalan plant. 
This is a healing fruit well known in Tibetan medicine.

Measures: 7.8 x 6 centimetres

Chenrezig Statue Gold Plated

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Chenrezig - Spiritual emodiment
of the Dalai Lama

Chenrezig (Spiritual Representation of His Holiness, The Dali Lama)
The Bodhisattva of compassion, Avalokitesvara (Chenrezig to Tibetans) He is saluted in a common Tibetan prayer as "The holy Avalokiteshvara, who has the thousand arms of the thousand universal monarchs, the thousand eyes of the thousand Buddhas of this good eon, and who manifests whatsoever is appropriate.

Measures:8.8 x 7 centimeres

Postage $9.95 within Australia

White Tara Gold Plated

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Beautiful White Tara
made in Nepal and gold plated

The Bodhisattva Tara is a Meditational deity and is the most popular goddess in Buddhist pantheon.
'Tara' the Sanskrit name of the Bodhisattva (goddess) is derived from the root 'tar' (to cross). 
In other words, Tara helps to cross the Ocean of Existence.

Devout Buddhists believe that if human beings utter the name of Tara audibly or inaudibly with sincerity of purpose they may obtain mystical insight and spontaneously acquire the ability for visualizing all mundane problems in their right perspective. 

Measures: 9 x 6.5 centimetres

Gold Plated Ganesha Statue

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Hand crafted in Nepal
Plated with gold

Beautiful Ganesh statue hand made in Nepal and gold plated.

Ganesh is the Hindu god of wisdom and learning, he is also the remover of obstacles.
Worshiped by Hindus and some Buddhists.

Has removable plate underneath with double dorje on. / So you can insert prayers / mantras if you wish.

Measures: 6.5 centimetres tall 

Green Tara Statue Gold Plated

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Tibetan Buddhist Bodhisattva

Green Tara is Tara's most dynamic manifestation.

She is often depicted in a posture of ease with right leg extended, signifying her readiness to spring into action.

Her left hand, in the gesture of granting refuge holds the stem of a blue lotus, which is a symbol of purity and power

Measures:  9 cms tall 

Small Gold Plated Medicine Buddha

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Made In Nepal
Brass Statue - Gold Plated

A beautiful Brass Medicine Buddha Statue / gold plated.

Made with much care in Nepal, Ideal gift for the Buddhist in your family or circle of friends.

Has removable base so you can place your Mantras inside.

Click on photo to see mor images.

Measures: 54 x 37 millimetres

Avalokiteshvara Gold Plated Statue

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Helping all beings to gain enlightenment
Bodhisattva (saint) of Compassion

Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Infinite Compassion, may be the most well-known and beloved of the Bodhisattvas. Avalokiteshvara is venerated as the ideal of Karuna.
Karuna is the activity of compassion in the world and the willingness to bear the pain of others.

The bodhisattva is said to appear anywhere, to help all beings in danger and distress.

Also known as the Thousand arm Quan Yin.  Has removable base to insert Mantras / prayers inside.

Click on photo to see more.

Measures: 10.3 high x 5.5 wide (centimetrers)

Vajrapāni Gold Plated Statue

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Exotic and beautiful
Gold plated Bodhisattva

Made in Nepal this beautiful gold plated statue is a stunning example of Nepalese craftsmanship.

Vajrapāni, also called Vajrasattva in Mahayana Buddhism, is extensively represented as one of the earliest three protective deities or bodhisattvas surrounding the Buddha. Each of them symbolizes one of the Buddha's virtues: Manjushree manifests all the Buddhas' wisdom, Avalokitesvara manifests all the Buddhas' immense compassion, and Vajrapāni protects Buddha and manifests all the Buddhas' power.

Has removable base so you can put your Mantras inside.

Measures: 9.5 high x 5.5 wide (centimetres)

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