Garden Lighting

Frog T Light Holder

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Made from metal
Great Colourflu Frog
For your garden

Enhance your next garden party of barbeque with this fantastic large frog tea light / candle burner.

Just light your candle and place inside (there is a door on the reverse side) and your guests will admire it as the light shines trough the little holes in the frog.

Create a special ambience for you, and your friends and family

Cat Tea light holder

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Create a magic garden
for your next outdoor party

A great cat tea light / candle holder.

Just place your lighted candle inside the metal cat tea light holder through the little door in the rear.

Watch as he shines his light through the gaps in the metal.

Your friends and family will be impressed at his glow.

Hanging Fish Tea Light Burner

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Brighten up your next
garden party or barbeque

A colourful Fish tea light or candle burner for your next party.

Place your candle inside him using the door in the other side, hang him wherever you like.

Marvel as the light shines through the gaps in the metal fish, your'e friends will love him.

He's such a special fish.

Rooster Egg Basket

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Storage container for your kitchen
our outdoor party

Place all your eggs in this hand made Rooster egg basket.

Made from wire and tin, he is impressive and strong.

A great novelty idea for your next outdoor party or have him in your kitchen all the time.

Owl Candle Garden Light

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Cute little owl
beautiful colours
light up your garden party

Made from metal this beautiful owl opens up at the back and you can put a candle inside.

Great for your garden, see all the rays of light showing through the slits in the little owl.

This is a great product for your home or a gift for an avid Owl lover.

Measures: 22 cms high x 22 cms across

Metal Rooster Tea Light Burner

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Garden lighting
great decor

Great rooster for bringing some interest in to your garden at night.

Just light you tea light candle and place inside (lift one wing there is a candle holder in there)

Then sit back and watch as the light from the candle dances inside and shines out of the small holes in the rooster.

A great talking point for your next barbeque or garden party.

Measures:  30 cms tall / approx