Dragon Statues

For the dragon lover in your family.

Or maybe that's you.

Hand carved from wood, cast bronze  or resin stone.

Extra Large Wood Carved Dragon

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Large Dragon with wings
Hand carved from wood
by master carver

This is an extra large dragon, carved from hardwood, it's quite heavy and has so much detail.

To see close up view just click on the photo.

Measurement coming soon.

Three Headed Dragon

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Hand carved from hardwood

A beautiful mythical dragon carved from wood, so much detail to see.

Click on the photo to see many more view of this wonderful dragon.

Measures:  40 high x 25 wide x 15 deep (centimetres)

Small Dragon wood carving

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Detailed wood carving
ideal for the dragon collector

Made from hardwood and carved by expert carvers.

An ideal gift for someone who is fascinated by these wonderful mythical animals.

Click on the photo for a larger view.

Chinese Dragon

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Beautiful statue for home
also used in Fengshui

If yuo like dragons you will love this one, it comes all the way from Thailand.

Sometimes used in fengshui or just as an ornament / feel the dragon within you.

Ideal gift for the dragon lover in your family.

Measures: 19.5 long x 12 high centimetres