Wood Box for Magazines, or letters

Mini Furniture Cupboards and more

Beautiful hand made wood furniture

Painted in a delightful array of subtle colours

Ideal for inside or outside your home.

Some are serving trays, some are suitable as magazine caddy's or racks, some are key cupboards with hooks inside.

Take a look around we are sure you will find at least one that suits your needs.

All very reasonably priced.

Key Cupboard

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Keep  your keys in one place
Painted in pastel tones
Ideal storage for your keys

Always find it hard to remember when you left your keys?

Here's a great solution.  The Key cupboard!

Inside there are four hooks to hang keys on. (you could hang two sets of keys per hook if you want)

Made from wood and painted in lovely pastel colours with a latch on the door.

You can stand it on a table or if you prefer hang it on your wall near your door so you can access your keys on the way out.  (there are two metal rings screwed on the back to make it easy to hang)

Measures: 30 high x 18 wide x 9.5 deep (centimetres)

Storage box or magazine caddy

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Keep your receipts or magazines
stored here

A great box made from light weight wood and hand painted in pastel tones.

Has handles on the side. Click photo to see larger.

Ideal for storage, keep your cd's, book keeping records, magazines or whatever you wish inside.

Looks great as a piece of decor in your home.  Or have it on your verandah with plants in.

So many great ideas for this fabulous item.

Measures: 34 long x 17 high x 18 deep (centimetres)

Decorative Caddy with Handle

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Shoe polish box / Magazine Rack
Decorative planter
You decide what you want it for

Fabulous decorative caddy with handle, painted in pastel tones with that distressed look.
Made from lightweight wood with a sturdy construction.

Choose what you would like it for, use it as a shoe polish storage box, a decorative planter for your porch, magazine rack for your living / reading room. Or store just about anything you'd like inside.

One lady bought one to display her daughters teddy bear collection in.

Measures: 39.5 long x 40 high x 22 deep (centimetres) click on photo for a larger view

Chest with three drawers

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Miniature drawers
pastel colours
made fromwood

Little chest of drawers hand made from lightweight wood hand painted and given that distressed / aged look.

Can be used to store your keys, your gemstones, your jewelery, your coin collection or anything you like.

Measures: 30.5 high x 16 wide x 12.5 deep (centimetres)

Miniature wardrobe

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Two doors and three shelves
made from wood
Hand made and painted

A loveley piece, this mini wardrobe comes with a latch, two doors and three shelves.

Hand painted in muted tones and made from wood.

Can be used to store your valuables or collectibales in. A great piece of home decor.

Measures: 33 high x 25 wide x 12.5 deep (centimetres)

Tray with heart panel

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Use for your business
put your cards in or samples
use at home as a display box

So many uses for this brightly coloured tray with a heart shape cut in the back panel.

You can display your soaps, business cards, flowers, giveaways or anything you choose.

Would be a great piece of decor for your home. Click on photo for a larger view.

Made from lightweight wood and well made and hand painted.
It has two metal rings at the back so you can hand it on your wall if you wish.
Or just place on a side table or on your verandah.Great as a desk tidy in your office too.
Or display your plants or flowers inside.

Measures: 29 high x 27 wide x 19 deep (centimetres)  the tray at the bottom is 8 cms deep



Wood Serving Tray

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Display box
Home Decor
storage tray

A beautiful tray, hand made from lightweight wood and hand painted in muted tones.

A great home decor item so many uses.

Display your fruit or vegetables in your kitchen, put all your pens and writing paper inside, a general desk tidy.

Use for your paperwork or just keeping everything from rolling across your table. Serve tea and biscuits in it.

Measures: 38.5 long x 9 high x 31 deep (centimetres)