Wallets and purses

Walletts and Purses

A selection of our wallets and purses.

Some made from hemp and some from recycled silk.
Great designs and so functional as well

Wallet with colourful mushroom design

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Made from hemp
all natural product
keep your money and cards safe

A great design wallet, with a beautiful embroidered mushroom on the front.

All natural product made from cotton and hemp. Has velcro fastener and zippers to close compartments.

Click photo to see wallet open in another image.

Measures: 13 cms high x 9 wide (centimetres)   the wallet opens out to be 22.5 cms

Yin Yang Hemp Wallet

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All natural fibres
Black and white Yin Yang Symbol

Carry all your cash and credit or business cards in this fashionalble Hemp wallet.

Has Yin Yang design as pictured, click on the photo to see what's inside.

Measures: 13 cms high x 9cms wide (when closed)   22.5 cms when wallet is opened.


Yin Yang in Lotus Flower Wallet

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Made from Hemp
Keep all your cash and cards safe

Yin Yang symbol in a vibrant coloured lotus flower.

All natural product made from Hemp.

Click on photo to see wallet opened.

Plenty of room to carry your credit cards, business cards and cash.

Measures: 13 cm high x 9 cms wide (when closed)   measures 22.5 cms across when opened

Purses in brocade fabric

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Beautiful vibrant colours
Made in Nepal

Great purses, made from brocade fabric and come with a full length zipper.

Three in photo / you get ONE for $6.50

Colours may vary due to changes in stock.

Measure: 17.5 x 10 centimetres

Recycled Silk Purse Round

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Made in Nepal
from Recycled silk

Hand knitted recycled silk purse with mirrors on front.

Great gift idea for the special person in your life.

Has zipper for security and is lined inside.

Measures: 12 cms across

Designs and styles may vary slightly due to changes in stock

Square Recycled Silk Purse

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Great purse
Hand made in Nepal

Recycled silk purse has full length zipper for extra security, and cotton lining inside.

Measures: 14 cms / approx

Click on photo for a larger view

Striped colourful wallet

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Colourful wallet
Made in Nepal

Made from cotton in Nepal, this wallet has plenty of storage space inside for your credit cards and cash.

Has velcro to keep closed and zippers to keep your cash and cards secure inside, separate sections.

Measures: 12.5 x 9 cms when closed.  (when open measures 23 cms long)