Kubera - God of Wealth

Guardian of all treasures on earth.

Kubera Brass Statue

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God of wealth
Guardian of all treasures on earth

Kubera is the God of Wealth and the Guardian of all treasures on earth.

Made from brass in Nepal, has Double Dorje stamp on base, can be removed to insert mantras inside.

Measures: 15 cms tall x 12 cms across

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Kubera seated on lion

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The highly respected and powerful Kubera is the Lord of Wealth and is also know as Jambhala. He is regarded as one of the foremost of the four Heavenly Kings who guards the North, and is recognized as a defender of peace and as a bringer of wealth. He is depicted riding on a Snow Lion. The Snow Lion symbolizes fearlessness and victory over all obstacles, and is the protector of Buddha.

A God of wealth revered in the Hindu pantheon and a popular figure in Buddhism, Kubera is said to bring prosperity luck, and wealth.

Measures: 15 high x 14 across approx

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