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Yoga - Mats - bag - bolster - cushions

Beautiful Yoga bags
with mat inside.


Love your body, get healthy with a Yoga course today.

We have one this page some things you will need on your journey.

Yoga mats, bolsters, pillows, cushions, Yoga bags. Yoga supplies and much more here.

Yoga Mat with beautiful carry bag

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Brighten up your Yoga session
Beautiful Yoga bag with mat inside
Made in Thailand

A great Yoga mat with good non slip surface.
Mat measures: 180 x 60 cms and is 5ml thick. Made from cotton.

Comes in a stunning and colourful bag, please click on photo to see more images.

Made in Thailand and so inexpensive ONLY $49.00 for this beautiful bag and yoga mat. 

Thai Triangle Cushion Large

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Famous Triagnle Cushion
Made in Thailand
All natural product
$49.00 each / choose colour when ordering

Ideal for relaxing in the lounge room or bedroom, great to lean against while on the floor while using you favourite electronic device.

Take it anywhere with you, on a picnic, to your favourite festival, or just camping.

Made  from cotton and filled with kapok this is truly an ALL NATURAL PRODUCT.
Kapok won't sag after many years of use, unlike some other products that are used to fill cushions.

Measures: 50 long and triangle is 32 x 32 x 32