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Yoga - Mats - bag - bolster - cushions

Beautiful Yoga bags
with mat inside.


Love your body, get healthy with a Yoga course today.

We have one this page some things you will need on your journey.

Yoga mats, bolsters, pillows, cushions, Yoga bags. Yoga supplies and much more here.

Yoga Mat with beautiful carry bag

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Brighten up your Yoga session
Beautiful Yoga bag with mat inside
Made in Thailand

A great Yoga mat with good non slip surface.
Mat measures: 180 x 60 cms and is 5ml thick. Made from cotton.

Comes in a stunning and colourful bag, please click on photo to see more images.

Made in Thailand and so inexpensive ONLY $49.00 for this beautiful bag and yoga mat. 

Yoga Bolster

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Great addition to your Yoga kit
All natural fibres

ONLY $20.00
Choose your colour when ordering

Using during Yoga, put it behind your lower back when sitting on the couch, or under your arm while laying on the floor.

So many uses for one item, don't forget to take with you in the car, you never know when you might need it.

Made in Thailand from cotton and filled with kapok it won't sag after many years of use. It's an ALL natural product.

Measures:55 cms long x 13 cm

Meditation Cushion Large Black

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Black Meditation Cushion

This large Meditation cushion is excellent for sitting, it will not sag or go soft as it is filled with Kapok.

Kapok is a natural fibre and so is the outer of this cushion being made from cotton.

There can be nothing better than knowing you are seated on all natural product while enjoying your meditation.

This cusion is Black and has the Om Symbol embroidered on three sides and has a handle to carry on the other side

Measures:  43 x 43 x 15 cms approx

Thai Triangle Cushion three fold

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Hand made by villagers
in Thailand
All natural product
Only $99.00
Only available in Red

The famous Thai Triangle pillows - this one has three folds attached. (click on photo for more images)

Beautifully hand made in Thailand, the outer is pure cotton and the filling is Kapok. both all natural products.

So comfortable, kapok won't sag like other products used in many cushions.

Use it for relaxing, or a bit of Yoga, laying on the floor anytime, or break it out when visitors arrive and they can sleep over.

Measures: 170 long x 7 cms thick (the triangle pillow at the end is 28 cms tall)

Thai Triangle Cushion Large

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Famous Triagnle Cushion
Made in Thailand
All natural product
$49.00 each / choose colour when ordering

Ideal for relaxing in the lounge room or bedroom, great to lean against while on the floor while using you favourite electronic device.

Take it anywhere with you, on a picnic, to your favourite festival, or just camping.

Made  from cotton and filled with kapok this is truly an ALL NATURAL PRODUCT.
Kapok won't sag after many years of use, unlike some other products that are used to fill cushions.

Measures: 50 long and triangle is 32 x 32 x 32

Thai Triangle Cushion Medium

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Relaxation - Great Cushion
Used by millions of Thai People
Now here for you
ONLY $20.00
Only available in brown or orange
chosse your colour when ordering

As used all over Thailand and in fact all over the world.

Great for placing behind your back when sitting on the couch, the floor or during meditation.

The outer is pure cotton and the inner is Kapok which is an all natural product and won't sag after years of use.

Take with you when traveling, lay over it with your arm or rest your head on it.
Lean back on it while at home and dream of Thailand and the exotic far east.

 Beautiful to look at and so practical.

Measures: 35 cms long (triangle measures 23 x 23 x 23)

Meditation Cushion Medium

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Round Meditation Cushion
Choose your colour when ordering
Blue or Maroon

ONLY $29.00 EACH

All natural outer made from cotton, and is filled with Kapok (from the Kapok tree) another all natural product.

Kapok is a very dense fibre and won't sag like other pillows or cushions on the market.

Ideal for meditation or taking to any sporting, theatre or music event where those chairs are just too hard to sit for long periods of time.

Measures: 33 centimetres wide by 8 centimetres high   

Delivery within Australia is $18.00  (if you want more than one, we can fit two in a satchel same price for delivery $18.00)