Lovers inside heart wood carving
Various poses of lovers carved from wood

Two Lovers Holding Hearts

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Beautifully hand carved artwork

titled "Two lovers Holding hearts"

Carved from hardwood, by experts in the field.

Measures: 21 x 19 cms

Great valentines day gift or home decor

Lovers inside heart

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Beautiful hand carved statue of two lovers kissing inside a heart.

Carved by master carvers with much care and pride.

Stands on it's own base as pictured. Click photo for larger image

A village handicraft item.

Measures 22 x 21 centimetres

Ideal valentines gift or home decor item

Mother and baby wood carving

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Lovely wood carving of mother with baby, holding baby up and kissing.

Carved from hardwood. Ideal gift for mother with new baby.

Measures: 24 x 10 cms

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