Most houses and businesses in Thailand and some other countries in South East Asia have a spirit house placed in an auspicious spot, most often in a corner of the property, or inside the home.

The Spirit House is there to pay thanks and as a tribute to the spirit of the trees or land on which the home or business has been built.

The spirit house is normally in the form of a miniature house or temple.

The house is intended to provide a shelter for spirits.
The shrines can include images of people and animals.   Offerings of incense or fruit can be left at the house to please the spirits.

These Spirit Houses are now very popular in Western Countries also as decorative pieces or in fact to offer thanks to the spirits of nature.

Small Thai Spirit House decorated

Beautifully decorated with
coloured mirrors
Made in Thailand

Large Thai Spirit House

Exotic wood carving from teak
Appease the Spirits around your home

Thai Spirit House Bird Cage Temple Style

Pagoda or Temple Design
Ornamental Bird cage style