Kaftans and Ponchos

They are so easy to throw on when going to a barbeque or camping.  Or for many, many occasions.

Poncho Many colours

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$39.00 each

These wool / acrylic blend ponchos are a real hit.

So light weight and vibrant mix of colours.  Just throw over your head and off into the cold.

Very warm but light to wear, come in various colours.

Choose your colour mix from the list.  We will send you the closes possible match.

Heavy Cotton Poncho

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Nice and warm
with a hood / choose your colour

A great product from Nepal, these medium weight poncho with toggle / wood buttons and tie up sides, they also come with a hood.

Great for outdoor activities like, bushwalking, gardening, the football, camping, at the barbeque or just going for a stroll down the street.

Easy to slip over your head and your'e ready to go.

Select the predominant colour from the list, we will send the nearest possible match.