Soap & Shampoo

Soaps of many different fragrances.

No animal products are used in the making of any of our soaps.

Soaps that are actually GOOD FOR YOU!

One is Medimix an Ayurvedic soap made from 18 different herbs and natural oils.

Take a look, they are all beautiful soaps, made by Song of India for around 85 years.

White Sage Soap

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White sage is traditionally used by Native Americans to clear negative energies, but also contains antibacterial properties that can boost the immune system USDA approved as a natural treatment for many skin conditions.No artifical colours or fragrances.

Walnut Scrub Soap

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Many fragrances to choose from
Exfoliates while you shower
$3.50 ea

Walnut Scrub soap, beautiful soaps from Song of India.
With Walnut granules to help exfoilate while you wash these soaps are free from animal products.
So your'e not harming animals in any way when purchasing these items.

Many fragrances to choose from juist select your's when ordering

Beauty Soaps

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Song of India
Many fragrances to choose from
$3.50 each

Another great product from Song of India. They have been in the Health & Beauty busines for around 85 years.

These beautiful soaps are designed to make bathing a luxurious and memorable experience.
They drench your skin in healthy hudration while improving skin texture and tone,

Many fragrances to choose from, select your favourite when ordering.

Loofa Soap

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Soap in Loofah
Exfoliate while washing
Choose your favourite when ordering
ONLY $3.50 each


A pure glycerine soap with natural essential oils filled in a loofa roll, combines cleansing and scrubbing action with it's nutrients.

Song of India Loofa roll soap exfolites and invigorates your skin for younger looks.

Medimix Ayurvedic Soap

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18 herbs Ayurvedic Formula
For sensitive skin

This is a great product.  18 herbs in this Ayurvedic soap, Ideal for sensitive skin.

Nourishes and protects your skin every day.  The unique formula has been enhanced to make the soap last longer and to keep your family naturally healthy all year round.

Many people have tried this soap and once they do they return for more and more.

Can give releif for many skin conditions. Eczma / Psoriasis

Nag Champa or Super Hit

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Choose your favourite
Famous Nag Champa
or Super Hit soaps
$3.50 each

Your old favourite Nag Champa / now in a soap.

A more recent addition is the now famous Super Hit soap

these two soaps give a rich creamy lather which cleans the skin deeply but gently, also contains glycerine to help moistureise your skin.


Mysore Sandal Soap

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Recommended in Ancient
Ayurvedic Texts for Skin Care

This soap is made from vegetable oils, contains pure natural Mysore Sandalwood Oil.

Sandalwood Oil - a nature's gift, emulate lingering fragrance, keeps your skin glowing, soft, blemish - free, can assist in keeping you young looking and beautiful.

Has Ayurvedic properties and a beautiful fragrance.


Essential Oils Bath oil

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Song of India
$9.95 each / many fragrances

Essential Bath Oil -- Relax & Rejuvenate - rediscover yourself

Add a few drops of Song Of India Essential Bath Oil in your tub for a celestial bath.

Add a few drops to yur Pot pourrie to rejuvenate.
A few drops in your Aroma Lamp (oil burner) will provide a heavenly atmosphere for a relaxing mood.

Or a few drops added to your favourite vegetable oil and enjoy a healthy, envigorating massage.

Choose your fragrance when ordering.

Shampoo Powder

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For sensitive scalps
$3.95 each / many fragrances

Natural Shampoo Powder 
with conditioner 10 grams
No Preservatives no fixatives. 
Just add half a teaspoon to your palm wet and massage into your scalp and shampoo then rinse as normal.

Follow instructions on package.

Gift Boxed four soap set

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Heart and Shell shapes
beautifully packaged
ideal gift

As pictured this lovely gift set of soaps is ideal for that special friend, or just to say thank you or "I care"

Comes with frangipani flower as pictured.

Body Care gift pack

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Cempaka - Body Scrub - Soap
Bath Salts and Incense
with FREE burner

A great idea if you just can't decide what to buy as a gift.

Contents include:

Cempaka Soap, Body Scrub, Bath Salts, Incense stick and cones, with a FREE burner, two tea lite candles and a frangipani.
All packed and ready to give at any time of the year.

Fragrant Jasmine Massage Gift set

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Jasmine oil, soap,
massage oil, wood massager,
bath crystals

All packed and ready to give as a gift for that someone special.

Comes with a Massager, Jasmine bath crystals, soap, Jasmine massage oil

Pink Teddy Flanel washer with soap inside

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Make bath time
special with Teddy Bear Flanel

A great idea, a gift boxed teddy bear flanel / body and face washer.
It has soap inside and the soap can be replaced, just open teddy at the back.

Blue Teddy Bear for bath time

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Teddy is soft and has
soap inside
Great for Bath Time

Gift boxed teddy bear with soap inside, just buy more soap when it runs out and replace at the back.

Great gift for your favourite nephew or niece or your own children.