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Song of India & Spiritual Sky

Song of India Perfume 3ml

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Seven fragrances
to choose from
ONLY $6.95 ea

Song of India, Natural fragrant oil, (the essence of natural beauty)

Most long lasting non alcoholic fragrance.

Used by millions of people worldwide, Song of India have been producing fragrances for nearly 85 years.

Song of India Solid Fragrance

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Beeswax base all natural
$6.95 each

A new way to apply fragrance.  This solid perfume is a bees wax base with the exotic natural perfume oils from Song of India infused within.

Just rub your finger in the fragrance and apply directly to your body as required, it is long lasting and safe.
Won't spill in your bag, ideal for travelling.

Many fragrances to choose from, select your favourite when ordering.

"The Essence of Natural Beauty"

Song of India concentrated oils

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Highly Concentrated
Perfume Oils $3.95 ea
Many fragrances to choose from

Song of India: These oils are Highly Concentrated Non-alcoholic and most long lasting fragrances.
These perfume oils have a unique quality of maturing over the passage of timem around 5 - 7 years.
As they grow older, the become thicker, darker and more pleasand in fragrance.

Song of India ~ The Essence of Natural Beauty.

No Animal products or testing on these products.

Spiritual Sky Perfume Oil

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Spiritual Sky Oils
ONLY  $10.95 ea
(17 to choose from)

Spiritual Sky famous for their oils since the 1970's

Located in Queensland where they make their oils with the assistance of Hare Krisna's

If you remember them you will know that their Patchouli and Frankincense is what they are famous for.
(but all their other oils sell amazingly well too)

Two NEW fragrances added in 2018  ..  Shanti and Coconut Dreams


Amber Stone Box

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Fragrant natural amber
in wooden box
$5.95 each

Just imagine your'e driving in your car and you can smell the enchanting fragrance of natural amber combined with the perfume of your choice, that would be beautiful and it's now possible with the Ambe Stone in a box.

The little boxes are designed to fit in most cars small change section on the dashboard, you can also just pop one in your handbag or purse to keep it smelling fresh, or even just leave on your bedside table so you can enjoy the fresh fragrance when you awake each day.

This unique idea comes from Song of India, choose your fragrance when ordering.

Amber in Stone Owl

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Fragrant natural amber
in stone owl

Carved stone owl contains a piece of natural amber with fragrance

Contains Brown Amber a beautiful aroma.  Great gift for the owl collector.

Song of India 10ml oil

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Choose your fragrance
Only $12.95 each

Song of India Natural perfume oils. 

The Essence of Natural Beauty,

The Purest Non-Alcoholic Fragrances and the most long lasting Scents.
(No animal products or testing on these oils)

Each bottle is hand made, available in many fragrances and only $12.95 each.

Choose your favourite when ordering.

Amber in Stone Buddha head

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Hand carved stone
Buddha Head
fragrance inside

A unique idea, a hand carved Buddha Head statue with a piece of natural amber inside.

To use as an air freshner just loosen the top of the Buddha head and the aroma will spread through your environment. 

Measures: 7.5 centimetres

Song of India 15ml

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Hand blown designer bottle
15 ml ONLY $24.95 

Song of India perfume oils, this time in a great Hand Blown Designer bottle contains 15 ml of your favourite fragrance

Spoil yourself or buy one as a gift for that special friend or loved one.

(guys women really love their fragrances so find out what she likes and surprise her with one of these in a special bottle and beautifully packaged as well.)

100 Different Fragrance Gift Box

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Song of India
Concentrated Perfume Oil Set

This is a must for the perfume lover or collector, a gift box set of one hundred different fragrances from Song of India.

That's right one hundred different fragrances.

Solid Perfume Set

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12 different fragrances
boxed set save $24.40

Solid fragrance set: 
(this velvet lined box contains 12 cloisonne tins each with a different fragrance)

Fragrances are:  Aphrodesia, Buddha Delight, Heart Erection, Jasmine, Krishna Musk, Rose,
                         Lily of the Valley, Honey succle, Neroli, Fantasia, Patchouli, Precious Sandal

Prepared from Natural Flower Oils & herbs with bees wax for a totally natural product.

Buying an individual tin with Solid fragrance is $6.95 each, so buying this set of 12 is only $59.00
you save over $24.00

Seven Chakra Roll On Perfume set

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Set of 7 chakra perfume oils to align your chakras.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex and is used to describe the energy centres of the body.

There are seven chakras each being associated with certain parts of the physical body as well as with our mind and spiritual development.

Balancing of these chakras may help in creating a life of harmony , health and spiritual awakening.

SALE PRICE  - was $70.00 - NOW ONLY $45.00