Gold Buddha in Brown / Green Robes

Buddha Statues Resin

Buddha Statues from Exotic Locations across the globe.

A range of our Buddha statues made from Polyresin.
Take your time to see all the pages as there are some beautiful Buddha statues here

Pink Fibreglass Buddha Statue

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Buddha Statue

Lightweight and serene

Buddha statue made from fibreglass with a wonderful serene face.

Sure to add peace and harmony to any home.

Would suit peaceful garden or inside your home.

Can be shipped anywhere.   Measures:  33 x 27 entimetres

We will send you a quote for your approval after your order is received.

Large Buddha with red Robes

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Beautiful features
Buddha in Teaching pose

Made from resin this Buddha has a serene face and perfect body, his fingers in the teaching pose.

Measures: 40 high x 33 wide (centimetres)

Place order and postage quote will be sent to you for you to accept, before any charge is made, once postage is accepted then your order is processed and sent to you.

White fibreglass Buddha

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Beautiful features
Meditation Buddha

Beautiful and exotic - a standout piece for any home

Beautiful serene Buddha seated in Meditation.

Beautiful face and an eye catching statue great for inside or outside.

Made from fibreglass so smooth and appealing.

Can be shipped, we will email you a quote for your'e approval after you order.

Measures:  42 high x 33 wide (centimetres)


Medicine Buddha Blue Resin

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Kathmandu Healing

Vibrant blue colour with red robes makes this Buddha stand out as an exceptional statue.

A very exotic design and motifs.

Made in Nepal. Beautiful multi coloured lotus base all designs hand painted.

Measures:  13.5cms tall x 9.5 wide

Buddha Coloured See through statues

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Small Happy Buddha $14.95
Larger Coloured Buddha $20.00 each
Choose your'e favourite when ordering

Place on a window sill or in front of a light and you can see the effect that you get in our photo.

Click on photo for larger view.  Made from clear resin.

To choose - Click on the statue you would like in the box with description

Buddha Urn

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Keep your precious items
safe in this Buddha Urn

Made from polyresin, this Buddha Urn is ideal to store your precious items.

Small items, some ashes of a loved one or your earrings or anything you treasure.

If you want you can glue the top shut to preserve your items.

Buddha Urn has four faces.  Measures 26 cms tall Storage space under lid is 4 high x 6.5 wide (cms)

Click on the photo to see more images. 

Seated Happy Buddha Resin Statue

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Beautiful solid
resin Happy Buddha

A beautiful Happy Buddha statue, take a look at the photos and see his lovely colouring.

Made from solid resin-stone

Ideal for the Happy Buddha enthusiast.  Can be placed indoors or in the garden / you choose.

Measures: 20 x 20 centimetres

White Buddha Teaching Pose

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Made from fibreglass
suitable for inside or out

A beautiful Buddha statue made from fibreglass in Bali.

Would look beautiful at the entrance to a home or inside on an Altar or table.

Has a rubber base so won't scratch your furniture, can be used outside in the garden if you wish.

Measures:  48 x 34 centimetres

Courier delivery to Melbourne or Sydney (metropolitan areas) $22.00 Get a quote for your location.

Buddha with red robes Touching Earth

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Buddha wearing red robes
Touching Earth

A beautiful Buddha satue in Touching Earth position.

Made from resin stone.

Measures: 25 cms approximately

Blue Buddha Medium

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Made in Thailand
Clear Blue Buddha

These Buddha statues can be put in front of a candle or light to make them shine.

Or place on a window ledge and watch the lights rays shine through.

Made from solid resin in Thailand.  Each one has some gold leaf on it as well.

measures 11 x 16 centimetres

Blue Buddha Small

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Clear Blue
Shakyamuni Buddha

Place this beautiful Buddha on a window ledge or in front of any light source and you will have this amazing effect like in the photo.

Made from solid resin-stone in Thailand with a bit of gold leaf on each one.

Measures:  13 centimetres tall

Green Buddha Small

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Clear Green Buddha
with gold leaf

Beautiful Buddha made in Thailand

Solid Resin great in front of light source.  Has gold leaf on statue.

Place in front of candle or light or on window ledge and see the great effect.

measures 10 x 13 centimetres

Kathmandu Buddha

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Green Buddha Statue
made in Nepal

Beautiful Buddha made in Katmandu
Green with red robes as pictured

Measures 11 x 7 centimetres

Serene Buddha with Gold colour

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Made from
poly resin

A lovely serene Buddha Statue seated in meditation, great for your home Altar or your meditation or yoga space.

Postage quote is given after purchase, no money is taken from your account until you first approve postage.

Measures: 31 high x 24 wide (centimetres) 

Happy Buddha with hands raised Red colour

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Lucky Buddha Statue
Brilliant red colour

Place this Lucky Buddha somewhere in your home to attract good luck and happiness.

Just looking at him can bring you happiness that's for sure.

He is made from resin and quite durable.

Measures: 14 cm tall x 6.5 cms wide