Samadhi incense

Herbal, Tibetan Chemical Free Hand made incense

Tibetan Herbal fair trade chemical free hand rolled incense.
These incense varieties are made to recipes around 2000 years old.
They are not about fragrance, but made with specific herbs and spices, also blessed water from Holy Lands.

Some are used for medicinal purposes worldwide

Hand rolled and chemical free, made from organic products to recipes over two thousand years old.

Used in Tibetan medicine and ritual ceremonies.

Mandala Incense Chemical Free

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FIVE different fragrances
in one box

Beautiful fragrances in this box. Sandal wood, Jasmine, Rose, Musk, Red Sandal wood.

Total of 60 sticks, each burns approximately 30 minutes

Hand made in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Organic Masala IncenseSticks

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Choose your favourite
when ordering
ONLY $2.95 per pack

These hand rolled masala incense sticks have been carefull prepared with natural wood powder and herbal essential oil extracts to enable a truly enriching experience.

Ideal for adding a beautiful fragrance to your home or work place / yoga or meditation centre.

They can help clear your mind during meditation and an aura of positive energy.

Handmade in India, Environment Friendly, Recyclable paper used in packaging,No child labour used,
No animal by products.

Four fragrances available.

1/ Dragons Blood

2/ Sandalwood

3/ Arabian Oudh


Choose your favourite from the menu when ordering

Red Crystal Incense

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The most Famous High Grade
is a Healing Incense

Red Crystal Incense
The most famous of all herbal and medicinal incense. It is composed of 23 herbal medicinal ingredients from the high Himalayan mountain range Nepal.
This is made completely 
by hand in Nepal and is a high grade healing incense.
use this for healing and meditation and helps greatly with focus.
Red Crystal Tibetan incense comes in a box 
containing approximately thirty sticks, 
which burn for around 30 - 45 minutes each

Tara Incense Green Pack

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Tara a Bodhisattva
(Buddhist Saint)

Tara is worshiped by many Tibetan Buddhist, she can help devotees find enlightenment

Tara incense is made from pure herbal ingredients. No artificial colour or fragrance.

Manufactured by the Nuns of Khachoe Ghakyil Ling Nunnery in Kathmandu.

Part proceeds from the incense go towards support of the Nunnery.

Caution:  This incense contains nuts used in the manufacturing process.

Medicine Buddha Incense for good health

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Medicine Buddha Incense for good health
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Medicine Buddha
Healer of body and mind.

Medicine Buddha incense for good health.

This incense is exclusively prepared for a special offering to Medicine Buddha , the Buddha of all compassion and love. 

It can bring a healthy, prosperous and peaceful life.

Contains approx 20 sticks each burning for around one hour.

Hand made and hand rolled in Nepal.

Medicine Buddha Incense Blue pack

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The Medicine Buddha
Healer of body and mind
Exotic Incense

This Medicine Buddha incense is prepared according to the standard traditional method and recipe found in ancient texts.

It is beleived to bring about a Healthy, prosperous and peaceful existence.

Made from pure herbal ingredients. No artificial colour or fragrance.

Manufactured by the Nuns of Khachoe Ghakyil Ling Nunnery in Kathmandu.

Part proceeds from the incense go towards support of the Nunnery.

Herbal Incense Varieties With Stick

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Herbal & chemical free $3.00 each
On a stick so you can burn on
regular incense burner



Our most popular incense, these incense have a beautiful, pure and refreshing fragrance.

You only need to light one a day, the fragrance doesn't dissapear once it goes out - like some other brands of incense. Try a packet you will most likely be back for more.

Good quality incense on a nice stick that stands straight and not twisted.

Hand made paper package, contains 15 sticks (approx)


Travel Altar Complete

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Comes with all
accessories needed

This is a great idea, an Altar for travelling, a complete set up includes:

Buddha Image (made from herbs & spices not to be burnt)

Rope incense, resin incense, stick incense, cone incense, prayer flags, one mala necklace and an offering scarf.

This is great value and comes in a beautiful gift box.

Ancient Tibetan Agarwood Incense

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30 sticks each one
burns approx one hour

Used for meditation and unlocking the subconscious.

Agarwood is very popular as the Wood of the gods.

Agarwood is a mystical resin which is used for meditation, unlocking the subconscious and balancing the life airs or chi.  It is highly psychoaltive.

It is used for spiritual journey, enlightenment, clarity and grounding.

Free incense holder included.

Out of stock more coming soon!

Ancient ClarySage Incense

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Ancient ClarySage Incense
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Used to support harmonal balance
and emotional spiritual clarity.

Ancient Clarysage Incense contains clary sage oil with many more aromatic herbal plants.

Clary sage oil contains natural phytoestrogens. It has a mellow, warm and herbal scent.

It is used to support harmonal balance and emotional spiritual clarity.'

Hand made and rolled in Nepal.

Package contains 30 sticks of incense each burning for approximately one hour.
Also has a free incense holder inside.

Ancient Tibetan Holy Basil Incense

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Ancient Tibetan Holy Basil Incense
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Can sharpen your senses to
encourage concentration of mind
can help with depression

Ancient Tibetan Holy Basil Incense.

As the divine representative of Lord Krishna, Basil is not merely a plant. It is known as "King of Plants".

Kept at the doorstep of a house the basil keeps a=the atmosphere pure and keeps mosquitos away.

It makes you sensitive, killing the fragile and sharpening the senses, to encourage concentration of mind.

It has an uplifting effect on depression.

Package contains 30 sticks each one burning appros one hour.
Also comes with Free incense holder

Ancient Tibetan Valerian Incense

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Ancient Tibetan Valerian Incense
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  May assist with insomnia, irritability,depression,
anxiety and nervous tension, and panic attack
All natural herbal ingredients.

Ancient Tibetan Valerian Incense

Hand made and hand rolled in Nepal, using recipes over two thousand years old.

Valerian is a medicinal plant, it may assist with insomnia, irritability, depression, anxiety, nervousness and nervous tension.

It has been used as a medicinal herb for panic attack.

Package contains 30 sticks, each one burning approx one hour.
Also contains one Free incense holder.

Out of stock - more coming soon!

Tibetan Lemon grass Incense

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Refreshing fragrance
helps in releiving stress

This Lemon Grass incense is exclusively prepared by the combination of naural extract of lemon grass oil and other aromatic herbs.

The medicinal essence of lemon grass helps in relieving stress along with purifying the atmosphere.

Tube contains approximately 20 sticks each stick burns for one hour approx.

Windhorse Incense Large

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Windhorse the symbol on
Windhorse Prayer flags

The windhorse is an allegory for the human soul in the shamanistic tradition of East and Central Asia.

In Tibetan Buddhism it was included as the pivotal element in the centre of the four animals symbolising the cardinal directions and a symbol of the idea of well being or good fortune

The cylinder contains approximately 20 sticks, each will burn for approx one hour.

Amitaba Buddha Incense

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Made to recipes from the ancient scripts.

Amitababa Buddha incense, contains 20 sticks which burn approximatley one hour each.

Made using secret recipes from ancient scripts.

For those who wish to send a tribute to Amitababa Buddha.