Exotic cone incense with free burner

Incense Cones

Incense cones of many varieties and fragrances.

Just light the top of the cone and place on your burner or a saucer or plate if you prefer.

Cones Many Fragrances

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$2.00 per pack
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Incense cones, ten fragrances to choose from.

Contents:  10 incense cones and one burner per pack.

Zodiac Incense Cones

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$2.00 oer oacj
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Here's a new idea.

Incense cones devoted to the Zodiac.  Get the fragrance that is assigned to your very own star sign.

Select from the choices available. 

16 cones per box.  ONLY $2.00 per pack.

Airies:  Rose
Virgo:   Lemongrass
Scorpio:  Cedarwood
Sagitarius:  Amber
Leo:  Rhododendron
Cancer:  Musk
Gemini:  Night Queen
Taurus:  Magnolia

Other Zodiac signs are presently out of stock.

Nag Champa / Super Hit

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$2.20 per packet

Nag Champa and Super Hit.  Two of our most popular incense varieties.

$2.20 per packet.

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Four bags of Incense Cones

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An exotic selection
from the home of incense
- India -

Experience all four fragrances of these exotic incense cones all the way from India.

Each fragrance is presented in it's own little hessian bag and comes with a FREE porcelain incense burner, suitable for cones and stick incense.

Makes an ideal gift.

A new stock item just in and as a Special Introductory Offer you get the whole four for just $16.00

That's four dollars off the regular retail price.