Shiva as Nataraja
Shiva as Nataraja

Shiva & Nataraja

Shiva statues made from Resin, Brass and bronze.  Take your time to see all photos.

Ganesh and his family

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Shiva, Pavarti and Ganesh
the whole family

A stunning statue of Ganesh and his parents, Shiva and Pavarti.

Made from brass in India with gold colour - click on photo to see more images and close ups.'

This is a one of a kind made for us by master craftsmen and women in India.

Excellent detail. Weighs just under 8 kilograms.

Measures: 34.5 x 20.5 x 16 cms approx

Fastway courier delivery to Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane only $20.00 with insurance.

For other areas I will send a quote upon receiving order.

Shiva Mask with Turquoise colouring

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Shiva one of the main
Hindu Gods

A great wall mask of Shiva / he is known as the God of destruction and also the God of the beginning of the universe.

For more details on Shiva go to our Shiva / Nataraja page.

Great detail on this mask / face click on the photo for a larger image.

Made in Nepal from resin stone..

Nataraja Small

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Dancing Shiva

Beautiful little statue of Shiva as Nataraja (Lord of Dance)

Made from metal.

Brass Shiva Statue from India

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Shiva as Nataraja
the Lord of Dance

Brass Shiva as Nataraja, sometimes called the Lord of Dance.

Shiva is one of the main Hindu Gods of India.

To read all about Shiva / Nataraja please see the main listing on our website.

It's well worth the read and a very interesting story.

Measures: 70 centimetres tall (approx)