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Many forms of Ganesha here

The son of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha has an elephant head with a curved trunk and big ears, and a huge pot bellied body of a human.
He is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles.

He is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.

Extra large statues are usually pick up only from one of our store. (some medium to large can be shipped)



Large Resin Ganesh

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Indoor or outdoor

Antique green finish
Large Seated Ganesha with Sanskrit Om sign on trunk
Cast from Resin - Suitable for garden / or in your home
He is black in colour - has gold highlights and markings also an Om symbol on his trunk
- a real stunning piece
Can be delivered within Australia by TNT
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40 x 50 x 80 centimetres  Now has an antique green finish

Ganesh White Resin

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Hindu God of
Wisdom & Learning

The Hindu God of wisdom, learning and education. 

White in colour and looks like a stone Ganesh (he is made from solid resin)

Ideal for indoors or in the garden.

Measures:  31 x 18 cms

Ganesh Reclining Statue

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Beautiful little Ganesha made from bronze and silver plated.
Here he is in reclining position. Quite heavy for his size.


Measures: 11 x 6.5 cms (approx)

Bronze Ganesh Seated

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Hindu God of
wisdom and learning
remover of obstacles

Lovely Ganesha, cast in bronze in Java.

Ganesh is the Hindu god of wisdom and learning, he is also known as the remover of obstacles.

Many Hindus give a Ganesh statue as a gift for people when they have a new home or starting a business.

Measures: 15 cms tall

Yoga Ganesh

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Standing on his hands
and trunk

The unique statue of Yoga Ganesh is such a find, here he is standing on his hands and balancing with his trunk.

Legs resting up in the air, has plenty of detail.  A great gift for the Ganesh lover.

Measures: 25 cms tall approx

Made from resin stone.

Resin Ganesha Statue

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Ganesh with four arms
Made in Nepal

2 sizes choose your's when ordering

Available in two sizes

Beautiful Ganesha statue made from resin-stone in Nepal.

The Hindu God of Wisdom and learning and remover of obstacles.

Here he is seated, this Ganesh has four arms.

Two sizes available.  9 centimetres tall $24.95 or 7.5 centimetres tall $20.00

Choose your size when ordering

Ganesh with cobra

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Ganesha seated with cobra
Hindu elephant god of wisdom

Ganesh the Hind God of Wisdom and Learning

Here he is made from Bronze and seated in front of a Cobra.

Decorated with turquoise colour he measures: 9.5cms tall x 7cms wide

If buying this Ganesha only you may select the postage by clicking the option in the listing.

Ganesha - Resin Stone

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Hindu God of Wisdom and Learning
Remover of obstacles

Ganesh is the half man half elephant Hindu God.

He is often given to people moving into a new home or business.

Also known as the remover of obstacles.

Made from resin stone. Click on photo to see reverse side.

Measures: 15.5 x 8.5 cms / approx

Large Ganesh with Kali Face on back

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Seated Ganesha
Has Kali Face on back
see more photos

Beautiful seated Ganesh statue made from moulded resin.

Has Kali face on back (click on photo to see more)

Ganesh is the Hindu god of Wisdom and Learning, he is also the Remover of Obstacles.

He is often given as a gift when starting a new business or when someone is moving into a new home

Measures: 42 high x 27 wide x 30 deep (centimetres)

Ganesh Bracelet

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Five Ganesh
etched / carved into metal

A beautiful bracelet, so smooth to wear and has Five Ganesh images carved into it.

See the photos in larger size for the full benefit of this beautiful bracelet.

Once size fits most, can be opened up to put over your wrist, no problems.

65 centimetre Ganesh Statue

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Made from poly-resin
Larger Ganesha

Ganesh / the Hindu God of Wisdom and Learning.

A beautiful statue and quite large. Ideal for indoors or outdoors (undercover)

Click on the photo for more images, including close up photos.

Measures: 65 x 33 cms

Can be shipped.

Ganesh Bells / Many

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Fantastic Ganesha

Heavy Brass Ganesh BellsMade in Nepal
14 Bells with 7 Ganesh as pictured
Sound like Sleigh Bells
Measures: 70 centimetress long

Very unusual and beautiful at the same time.

A must have for the Ganesh enthusiast / worshiper.

Gold Plated Ganesha Statue

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Hand crafted in Nepal
Plated with gold

Beautiful Ganesh statue hand made in Nepal and gold plated.

Ganesh is the Hindu god of wisdom and learning, he is also the remover of obstacles.
Worshiped by Hindus and some Buddhists.

Has removable plate underneath with double dorje on. / So you can insert prayers / mantras if you wish.

Measures: 6.5 centimetres tall 

Ganesh Candle Holder with Bells

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Ideal for your home shrine
or Temple
Made in India from brass

This is a very unique item, Ganesh under a palm tree with a candle holder above, surrounded by five bells, and Ganesh is holding another bell in his trunk.

Made from quality brass with an antique finish.  Brass can last a lifetime.

This is a one off item.  We only have the one available.

Measures: 13.5 cms wide x 22 cms tall


Ganesha Mask small

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Colourful painted
Made in Nepal

Cute little ganesha mask made from plaster / paper mache

Made in Nepal (Buddha, Green Tara & White Tara Also available.)