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Many forms of Ganesha here

The son of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha has an elephant head with a curved trunk and big ears, and a huge pot bellied body of a human.
He is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles.

He is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.

Extra large statues are usually pick up only from one of our store. (some medium to large can be shipped)



Ganesh Bracelet

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Five Ganesh
etched / carved into metal

A beautiful bracelet, so smooth to wear and has Five Ganesh images carved into it.

See the photos in larger size for the full benefit of this beautiful bracelet.

Once size fits most, can be opened up to put over your wrist, no problems.

Gold Plated Ganesha Statue

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Hand crafted in Nepal
Plated with gold

Beautiful Ganesh statue hand made in Nepal and gold plated.

Ganesh is the Hindu god of wisdom and learning, he is also the remover of obstacles.
Worshiped by Hindus and some Buddhists.

Has removable plate underneath with double dorje on. / So you can insert prayers / mantras if you wish.

Measures: 6.5 centimetres tall  (currently out of stock - more coming soon)

Ganesh Candle Holder with Bells

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Ideal for your home shrine
or Temple
Made in India from brass

This is a very unique item, Ganesh under a palm tree with a candle holder above, surrounded by five bells, and Ganesh is holding another bell in his trunk.

Made from quality brass with an antique finish.  Brass can last a lifetime.

This is a one off item.  We only have the one available.

Measures: 13.5 cms wide x 22 cms tall


Ganesh ~ Copper & Brass

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Exquisite Brass
Ganesh from India

Currently sold out.  If you would like one made for you please email

Measures: 21 inch X 14 inch X 9.5 inch 

This brilliant brass-statue of the elephant god Lord Ganesha, exceptional in its lustre and magnificent in its beauty, represents him, though not without some variations, in his Kshipra Ganapati manifestation, the red hued Lord quick in acting upon a prayer. Though not one of the earliest eight forms that texts perceived as prevailing over eight demons, symbolic of eight demonic natures in man or eight basic human weaknesses, Kshipra Ganapati is one of his thirty-two forms under which the early Puranas classified him. Inclusive of the early eight these thirty-two forms related to various other aspects, especially his own nature, his effectiveness, power over disruptive forces, quickness to act in granting a boon or accomplishing a prayer, and overall effectiveness as the ultimate divine power.

Large Ganesh sixteen arms

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Vira Ganapati
Valiant Warrior

This Brass image of Ganapati,is Vira Ganapati / the  "Valiant Warrior"  one of his initial classical 34 forms, which early texts, the eights century Maudgalya Purana in special, have identified or conceived.  Though exceptionally beautiful and endowed with divine aura, Vira Ganapati, primarily a votive form conceived as standing and in readiness to proceed to a target, is broadly a fierce form having a commanding posture. In plasticity, precision, minuteness of details, especially in designing his 'antariya' - the lower wear, and ornaments and crown, and in creating desired effect, especially the majestic bearing, the artefact is simply unparalleled. With sixteen arms stretched on both sides the image acquires circular form and is thus suggestive of cosmic dimensions which Lord Ganesh pervades.

Measures: 49 high x 41 cms wide


Large Ganesh Wall Panel

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Over one metre
tall. Brilliant colouring

Large Ganesh Wall Plaque
over 1 metre tall brilliant colours decorated with mirrors
Measures: 3 x 70 x 120 centimetres

Ganesh Carved Hardwood

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Expert carving

Beautifully Hand Carved Ganesha Statue (carved from one piece of wood)
Immaculate detail with a unique colouration - carved by Master Craftsmen
from the Ubud region of Bali - this area has been the Artistic hub of the Island of Bali for many hundreds of years.
The carver has used 
Plantation Wood - minimising the impact on the environment

25 wide x 35 high 12 deep (centimetres)

This is a one off item and will appeal to the discerning collector of fine arts

Delivery to Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane ONLY $18.00
or get a quote to your area.

Ganesh Dancing in Ring Bronze Statue

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Rarely seen form
of Ganesh

This is the first statue of Ganesh I have ever seen with Ganesh dancing in a ring, just like Nataraja / Shiva in a Ring.

Not too sure of any information about this style of Ganesha but will do some research.

Cast in Bronze in Java

Measures: 52 x 43 centimetres

Ganesh Dancing in Ring Green Bronze Statue

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Cast in Bronze
in Java

Very unusual form of Ganesh with Ganesh dancing in a ring, just like Nataraja / Shiva in a Ring.

Not too sure of any information about this style of Ganesha but will do some research.

Cast in Bronze in Java

Measures: 52 x 43 centimetres

Ganesh Dancing with Snake Man

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Hindu God
wisdom & learning

Unusual Ganesha statue cast in bronze.

Here we see Ganesh dancing on a snake man (seven headed naga) while holding his tail in left hand.

This is the first time we have seen a statue such as this.

Cast in bronze.  Measures:  27 x 66 centimetres  Weighs: 4 kilograms

Ganesh Wood Carving

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Wood carved Ganesha
from Nepal

Hand carved from one piece of wood in Nepal.


Ganesh Wood Carved

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Wood Carved

This beautiful Ganesh statue was created by the master carvers on the tropical island paradise of Bali, Indonesia.

Ganesh Statue Carved from wood - decorated with Antique Gold finish and Mirror.
Measures 15 x 34 x 15 centimetres

Ganesh Reclining on Couch

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One off Ganesha
laying on couch

Ganesha Reclining on Couch

Fantastic detail

Mirror in background & table not included.
This is a one off item, the only one we have seen.
Measures 80 wide 45 high 23 deep (centimetres)
(Ganesh Fans come visit our store) available to see at
Buddha Shop Yackandandah


Ganesh Releif Panel

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Carved from wood
Beautiful colours
Within Australia Only!
*some exclusions may apply

Now ONLY $145.00

Ganesha Wood Carved Panel
Great Detail and colouring comes on stand as pictured
Measures: 9 x 35 x 50 centimetres

Created by the master carvers of Ubud Region on the tropical island paradise of Bali.

was $195.00 NOW ONLY $145.00

Ganesh Rides 3 headed Elephant

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Cast from bronze
In Thailand

Beautifully cast in Thailand this large bronze statue depicting Ganesha riding a three headed elephant.

Very unusual and not a common statue at all.

Measures:  35 cms tall - approx

Delivery to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane ONLY $22.00
*some exclusions may apply