Ganesh Releif Panel

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Carved from wood
Beautiful colours
Within Australia Only!
*some exclusions may apply

Now ONLY $145.00

Ganesha Wood Carved Panel
Great Detail and colouring comes on stand as pictured
Measures: 9 x 35 x 50 centimetres

Created by the master carvers of Ubud Region on the tropical island paradise of Bali.

was $195.00 NOW ONLY $145.00

Ganesh Rides 3 headed Elephant

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Cast from bronze
In Thailand

Beautifully cast in Thailand this large bronze statue depicting Ganesha riding a three headed elephant.

Very unusual and not a common statue at all.

Measures:  35 cms tall - approx

Delivery to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane ONLY $22.00
*some exclusions may apply

Ganesh Swastika with Om Sign Brass

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A symbol of the Law
not a Nazi symbol

Ganesh on Swastika

Don't panic, it's not a Nazi symbol, the Swastika was used long before Hitler was around, he just used it for the wrong purpose and with the wrong meaning.
(maybe Hitler was too cheap to employ his own graphic designer??)

The Swastika in Buddhism & Hinduism means Peace & The Law. In Buddhism, the swastika signifies auspiciousness and good fortune as well as the Buddha's footprints and the Buddha's heart. 
The swastika is said to contain the whole mind of the Buddha and can often be found imprinted on the chest, feet or palms of some Buddha images.

Made in India - Brass

Measures:  21 x 21 cms   Delivery within Australia $17.00

Ganesh Wall Mask

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Small Ganesh

Little Ganesha mask made from resin-stone.

Has ring on back so you can hand him on your wall or door.

Measures:  14.5 centimetres high approx

Ganesh with five heads

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Made in Thailand
bronze cast

Cast in bronze in Thailand using the lost wax method as handed down through the generations.

Measures:  24 x 23 centimetres

Delivery to Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane  for this statue is ONLY $20.00
(some exclusions may apply)

Large Seated Ganesha Brass Statue

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Extra large Seated Ganesha
Cast from brass in India

An exquisite brass statue of Ganesha with his Doti at his feet, he has four arms and beautiful detail etching on his trunk and hands.

He is quite heavy and may be shipped to some locations.

Ganesh is the half elephant / half human Hindu God of wisdom and learning, he is also regarded as the remover of obstacles.

Measures:  94 high x 53 wide (centimetres)

Large Brass Ganesh 10 arms

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Dancing Ganesh
10 arms very auspicious
Was 1700.00
Now Discounted $1500.00

26" high x 18" x 8.5"
Weighs: 22.3 kilograms

These brass statues are made using the "Lost Wax Method" by Buddhist & Hindu people in India with much care and respect given to each religious Image

Brass Ganesha Antique Green colour

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Beautiful Ganesh
with stunning finish

The son of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha has an elephant head with a curved trunk and big ears, and a huge pot bellied body of a human.
He is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles,

He is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.

Cast in brass in India and  designed with a brilliant green antique finish.

Measures: 29 high x 25 wide (centimetres)

Medium Ganesh bell on chain

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Made from
Quality Brass
in India

Exotic Ganesha bell made in India from brass.

Has a great tone and heavy duty chain with hook to hang it.

Length including chain: 67 cms

Across bell measures: 7.5 cms

Ganesh with four arms. Seated

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Brass statue of
Ganesh sometimes called Ganapati

Ganesh, the Hindu God of wisdom and learning also beleived to remove obstacles.

Hindus often give Ganesh as a gift for a new business venture or home.

Beautiful seated Ganesh with four arms, made from Brass in India.

Measures:  25 high x 16 cms wide

Ganesh on three headed Elephant Bronze Statue

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Unusual Ganesh Statue
Riding a three headed elephant

A beautiful statue cast in bronze, Ganesha rides a three headed elephant.

This bronze statue is highlighted with gold colour and an antique green finish.

Would be an ideal gift for the avid Ganesh lover.

Ganesh is the Hindu God of Wisdom and learning, he is often given as a gift to someone starting a new business or new home.

Quite heavy for it's size  Click on the phot to see more images.

Measures:  18 high x 18 long cms approx

Ganesh Green Gold and Red

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Seated Ganesha
New Item in store

This seated Ganesh is a beautiful statue.

Made from resin / hand painted and quite solid has a Sanskrit Om symbol on the back of his head.

Measures: 31 cm high x 20 cm across

Fastway courier delivery to Melbourne or Sydney ONLY $20.00 (some exceptions may apply)

Brass Ganesha on Throne

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Ganesh Hindu God
of Wisdom and Learning
sometimes called Ganapati

Ganesha, often given as a gift for people opening a new business or a new venture in their life. Or even a new home.

He is half human / half elephant Hindu God of wisdom and learning.

This beautiful statue is made in India and features Ganesh on his throne with his Doti at his feet and on the top of the throne is the Kali protection Mask.

Measures: 22.5 high x 21 wide (centimetres)

Ganesh with Om sign brass statue

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Unusual form of Ganesha
Dancing in front of Om Sign

An exceptional statue made from brass in India.
This Ganesha is unique in design he has six arms and is dancing on a platform in front of a huge Om Sign.
Note the top of the Om Sign is the head of an elephant

Ganesh is the Hindu God of wisdom, knowledge and new beginnings.

He is often given as a gift when someone starts a new business or for a new home.

As the God of beginnings he is honoured at the start of rituals and ceremonies.

Measures: 42 high  x 32  cms wide 

Shipping for this statue to metropolitan Melbourne or Sydney is $18.00 / Fastway Couriers

Large Brass Ganesh Bell

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Large Ganesh bell
on chain

Beautiful brass Ganesha dancing on a lovely brass bell.

This bell has the classic Brass Bell ring.

Bell has large chain attached for hanging. See photo.

Measures: 71 cms including chain    

Bell & Ganesh measures: 23 highx 15 cm across

PLEASE NOTE:  The bell we have is a brass colour not black as in photo. click photo to see more images.