Fingerless Gloves Blue and white

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Pure wool
Polar fleece lined

Keep your hands and wrists warm when it's cold outside.

Leaves your fingers and thumbs out so you can go about your work, or drive or even type.

Also used by many people who are confined to hospital and suffer from arthritis.

one size fits most.

Pure wool hand knitted gloves

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Hand knitted warm wool
Gloves from Nepal
Choose your colour when ordering
ONLY $16.95 a pair

All the way from Nepal, these hand knitted wool gloves will keep your hand and fingers warm this winter.

3 colours to choose from green / blue / brown

Regular size / one size fits most.

Click on the photo to see other colour varieties.


Fingerless Gloves

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Two colours to choose from
Choose when ordering
Red / Black and Grey / White
ONLY $12.00 per pair

Grey and White fingerless gloves

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Keep your hands warm
while driving or working
fingers free

Made from wool in Nepal, with polar fleece lining.

Ideal for working outdoors, tending your animals on a freezing cold morning, working at a market stall or driving your car or motorbike.

Also ideal for your elderly relatives in hospital or nursing homes, as their wrists and knuckles often get cold when inactive most of the day. They can still turn pages when reading a book etc.

Ideal for people with arthritis.

Brown and white gloves

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Pure wool hand knitted
polar fleece lined
super warm hands this winter

All the way from Nepal, hand knitted gloves with polar fleece thermal lining keeping the warmth in.

click on photo for another image.

Many colours Wool Knitted Slippers

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Keep your feet nice and warm
wear around the house or as bed socks
Tell us what colour you'd like when ordering

ONLY $17.95 a pair


Hand knitted from pure wool and lined with polar fleece for extra comfort and warmth.
Won't make your feet itch due to the polar fleece lining.
Made in Nepal / fair prices paid
One size fits most (up to 27 cms long)

Choose your colour when ordering.