Hanuman / Hindu Monkey God

Hanuman is a vanara who aided Rama (one of the ten avatars of the Supreme Personality of Godhead) in rescuing his wife Sita, from the demon king Ravana.

He is also a perfect karma yogi since he performs his actions with detachment, acting as an instrument of destiny rather than being impelled by any selfish motive.

Cast in India using the ancient "Lost Wax Method" Handed down through generations of craftsmen and women
Created with much care and devotion by Hindu casters

Brass Hanuman

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Hanuman seated
Solid brass

Seated Hanuman
Made in India from Brass
Measures: 19 x 12.5 x 8 centimetres
Weighs: 1.5 kilograms

Hanuman Resin Statue

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Seated Hanuman

Made in Nepal from solid resin.

Measures:  13 cms tall (5 + 1/4 inches)

Hanuman Standing Brass Statue

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Symbol of strength
and devotion


This Hanuman statue made in India from brass and finished in Chola (colour design)
stands 18 cms tall.  Ideal for the home shrine / altar. Or even your office desk at work.


Hanuman, the mighty ape that aided Lord Rama  in his expedition against evil forces, is one of the most popular idols in the Hindu pantheon.

Believed to be an avatar of Lord Shiva, Hanuman is worshiped as a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and devotion.

Measures:  18 x 5.5 Centimetres 

Delivery with tracking within Australia is $12.50

Mahabali Hanuman

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Carrying Mount Dron

Cast in brass in India using the lost wax method, this beautiful Hanuman Statue is definitely a work of art.

Ideal for a Hindu Temple, the avid collector of Religious artifacts or your home Shrine.

Measures:  60 high x 39 cms wide

This statue is currently out of stock / it can be ordered in for you.