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Lucky Money Frog

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Attract wealth
to yourself

Lucky money frog with coin in mouth and sitting on a pile of money, they are beleived to attract wealth to you or your family and home. 

Measures:  12 x 7 centimetres

Extra Large Lucky Money Toad

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Large Feng Shui
Lucky Money Frog / Toad
suitable inside or in garden

Encourage wealt to your home or workplace.

Place this lucky money frog where he will bring it on.

It's a great size and ideally suited to the outdoors or can be placed inside your home also.

New item just in store!

Solar power waving cat

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Save energy
using solar power

Fengh Shui, lucky money cat is beleived to bring luck and or money to the user.

Some people use them to attract business to their stores or people at home use them to bring good luck.

Either way they are a cute little cat, just place anywhere there is a little sunlight, doesn't need to be direct sun, and he will start waving away till the sun goes down.

He will keep waving inside if placed near a light, or even in a dark room, just place a battery inside. (battery not included)

Measures:  17 centimetres tall x 13 cms wide

Pair of Foo Dogs for Feng Shui

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Increase protection within and around your'e home with this beatiful pair of Lion Dogs / Foo Dogs.

Made from resin stone each one measures approximately 15 cms

Not only are they attractive but can protect from negativity and bad energy.

Stone cement mix Lion Dog Pair

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All the way from exotic

These are beautifully made pair of Lion dogs / Foo Dogs or in Thailand called Singaha.

Have them at your driveway entrance to ward off bad people or evil spirits.

They are used in many properties in Thailand and worldwide to protect property and the inhabitants who live there.

They come with a sealed certificate as needed by the Thai Government to guarantee their authenticity.

Measures:58 high x 24 wide x 60 long cms (approx)

$350.00 for one pair. Click on photo for larger view