Resin incense in tins

Resin Incense

A pure and natural form of incense!  Made from resins, bark, herbs and spices.

Just light a charcoal tablet, place in your resin incense burner and sprinkle your favourite fragrance of resin incense on top.  Then sit back and enjoy the day.

Resin Incense

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Resin Incense
$5.95 per tin - many fragrances


Resin incensein a tin from Song of India.  

To burn resin or powdered incense your will need, charcoal tablets and a resin incense burner.

Just light the charcoal and place in your burner then slowly sprinkle some resin or powdered incense on the charcoal to enjoy the fresh fragrance.

Natural resin incense in it's most raw form contains: herbs, wood, powder, tree resins, leaves, flowers, aromatic barks and natural oils.

ONLY $5.95 per tin.  Net Weight: 40 g

Magic lite Charcoal

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Used for burning
resin or powdered incense

Magical long burning charcoal tablets for incense.  Ten tablets in one packet.

Charcoal tablets, used for burning your resin or powdered incense.

Just light your charcoal, then place in your burner and slowly sprinkle your powdered or resin incense.

See photo.  you get one foil packet of 10 charcoal tablets. $5.00


Charcoal Burner

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Two designs $9.95 each
resin or powder incense

If you burn resin or powdered incense these are what you need.  (cone incense can also be burnt on these)

(brass burner currently sold out) stone one available.

You will need charcoal tablets, just light one of the charcoal tablets then place on the mesh in top of your charcoal burner, as it starts to heat up just sprinkle your resin or powder incense on the charcoal.
(start with a small amount first)