Elephant Tea Pot Crackle effect

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Ceramic Elephant
made in Vietnam

Can be used as a tea pot or milk jug, made in Vietnam from ceramic and has an aged crackle / crazed effect.


Salt & Pepper Elephants

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2 elephants hugging
salt & pepper

Two hugging elephants that are also salt & pepper shakers.

Have them on your table for a talking point over dinner, made in Vietnam from ceramic,

Brightly Painted Elephant

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Made from wood
fluro painted detail

Very colourful elephant made from wood and hand painted.

Measures: 19 long x 15 high (centimetres)


Blue or Grey Fibreglass Elephant

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Stunning Elephant
ideal for indoor or outdoors

Available in Grey only

If you love elephants you will treasure this one.

Made from fibreglass so it's suitable to have inside your home or outside if you wish.

Brilliant blue and nice and glossy and smooth. Or if you prefer natural Grey colour.

Choose your colour.

Measures:  33 cms long x 23 cms high

Pink Terracotta Lucky Elephant

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Lucky Elephant
Collectible Statue
For home or garden

Bright pink Elephant with his trunk up, such a lucky elephant.

He is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Has a rubber base so he won't scratch furniture.

Made from terracotta. Click on photo for a larger view.

Measures: 30 long x 19 high x 21 wide (centimetres)

Ceramic Elephants

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Cute little elephants
Choose your colour when ordering
ONLY $11.95 each

These cute little elephants are ideal for the elephant collector in your family.

They are made in an abstract design, and come all the way from Thailand.

Choose your colour when ordering.

Measures: 13 x 9 cms (approx)

elephant vietnam sauce dispenser t pot

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vietnam elephant sauce dispenser or mini t pot
all hand made and antiqued