Buddha Miniatures

Miniature Bronze Buddha Turquoise

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A Beautiful Buddha cast in bronze with turquoise added.

The fingers on his right hand in the teaching pose.

Measures: 5cms tall (approx)

Miniature Blessing Buddha with aura

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Cast from bronze
in Thailand

Another great miniature Buddha from Thailand.  Seated on high lotus pedestal in blessing position.

Has been blessed.

Happy Buddha Medium

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Bronze miniature
made in Thailand

Happy Buddha statue with palm leaf over head.

Measures: 5.5 centimetres tall

Buddha Sitting on stand

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Great detail on this
little Buddha Statue

All the way from exotic Thailand.

Made in Temples, beautiful miniature Buddha images.

Click on photo for a larger view.

Reclining Buddha Pewter

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Made from Pewter
Reclining Thai Style Buddha

A beautiful statue of Buddha in His Reclining pose.

Made from Pewter and measures 6 centimetres long.

Ideal for the collector.

Pewter Buddha Head Miniature

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Made from pewter
Great design with gold
coloured hair

A lovely miniature Buddha head, cast in pewter.

Ideal for the Miniature collector in your family or anyone who loves Buddha statues.

Measures: 4 centimetres tall.

Click on photo for larger view.

Pra Chinnarat Buddha Miniature

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Pra Chinnarat Buddha
From Sukothai in Thailand

A famous Buddha image that can be see in very large numbers especially in Sukothai in Thailand.

Made from Bronze in Thailand, this is a very special Buddha to Thais.

Measures: 3.5 cms tall

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