Beautiful Silk embroidered Altar Mat

Altars & Altar Covers

Some beautiful additions to your Altar or Shrine

Altars made from wood in varying styles and designs.

Beautiful Altar covers and mats to compliment your practice.

For more Altar related items please see our Banners page, and Ceremonial Page and Bells Page.

Buddhist Altar

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Made from wood

This beautiful Altar can be used by Hindu or Buddhists.

It is made in Nepal and has hand painted designs on front and both sides.
Also has one drawer with brass handle.

See photos to view back & sides

Measures: 46 high x 34.5 wide x 19 deep Centimetres

Inside arch: 20.5 high x 18.5 x 14 deep centimetres

Fastway Courier Delivery to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane ONLY $20.00
(some exceptions may apply)


Nepalese Altar

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Three section Altar

Made in Nepal from wood Painted in Buddhist design

Measures:  23 x 45 centimetres 
(statues not included)

Altar Cover 03

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Pure silk & brocade
Double dorje in centre

Brocade around the outside
Pure silk & Cotton hand woven Double Dorje & Tibetan Auspicious Symbols

Measures: 95 cm wide X 100 cm long

Extra fringe on bottom.

Altar Cover 05

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Hand embroidered
silk with brocade

An Altar cover which can also be used as a wall hanging.

Hand crafted in Nepal, pure silk with brocade around the outside.

Symbol in centre is the Double Dorje (protection ffom evil)


Travel Altar Complete

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Comes with all
accessories needed

This is a great idea, an Altar for travelling, a complete set up includes:

Buddha Image (made from herbs & spices not to be burnt)

Rope incense, resin incense, stick incense, cone incense, prayer flags, one mala necklace and an offering scarf.

This is great value and comes in a beautiful gift box.

Bell Mat Buddhist Lucky Symbols

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Beautiful addition to
your Shrine

This is a fantastic and colourful Mat to place your bell or singing bowl or anything you like at all really.

Has Yin Yang symbol in centre and the Tibetan Buddhist Eight Auspicious (lucky) Signs embroidered on it.

Bell not included.

Bell Mat Yin Yang Design

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For your Bell
or Singing Bowl

You can put anything you like on this beautiful mat - your Bell or singing bowl, butter lamp.

Can be used in your home or shrine.

Bell is sold separately

Tibetan Cupboard Altar or Shrine

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Cupboard doors below
Doors with windows at top

Made in Tibet.

A great design, this Altar / Cupboard has two opening doors below, three glass sections at the top,
and four drawers in the centre.

Beautifully made.  Click on photo for larger view.

Measures: 54 cms wide x 58 cms tall