Large Black Kapala
As used by Tibetan Shaman and Buddhist in ceremonies.

Kapala / Ceremonial Skulls

As used by the Shaman's in Tibet during ceremonies,

Some made from resin-stone and some made from brass

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Monkey Skull Kapala

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as used by
Shamans in Tibet

This is NOT a real Monkey Skull

As used by Shamans in Tibet, this monkey skull made from resin with leather and metal decorations is quite a unique item.

Any questions please ask via our contact page.


Kapala with Mantra design

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As used by Shamans and Buddhist
practitioners worldwide.

This is a very unique design, it's a Skull Kapala, with skull legs holding it up and large teeth either side.

Just lift the lid off - click on the photo to see more images.

Measures:  10 x 11 cms

Brass Kapala

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As used by Tibetan Buddhist
and Shaman worldwide
Ceremonial item

Beautiful Kapala made from brass in Nepal with much respect and care.

A ceremonial piece used by Tibetan Buddhist and Shaman across the globe.

Ideal for home, shrine or Temple use.

Measures: 7.5 x 5.5 cms